Q I get asked often; What is a brand? What colours to use in my branding? Do I need an icon logo design? Should I use my own name or something catchy?

I know you want to make the most perfect and memorable first impression. It’s similar to how you dress and carry yourself to portray who you are. And like you, your branding has substance behind the pretty colours and design elements. But the visuals only compliment the perception others have of you and your brand.

Let’s play! Write down what comes to mind when you see the ‘swoosh’? …You are likely to think of ‘Nike’. Perhaps their tag line “just do it”. Some may even think of running shoes, athleticism, sports, or so forth. Nike is recognized and perceived unanimously as “motivational”. You may even get a sense of their buyers’ profile as urban, the mid ’20s leads an active lifestyle, play sports for fun, professionals in corporations, and etc.

So, do you think just their logo, tag line, imagery, and overall brand identity do ALL that? NO!

Your brand is so much more than just your logo, website, colours, and fonts.

What Is A Brand?

It’s simply your promise to your soul clients by definition. What promise do you deliver in results or transformations from doing biz with you? Branding is conceptual and the hardest to grasp in marketing. It is your soul clients’ perception of you.

What is a brand? The bigger question is how to build a brand that everyone knows, and drive the same perception you want others to have of you? Better yet,  how to occupy your soul clients’ minds at the time they’re ready to buy? Ultimately, become the ‘Go-To’ for your soul clients. So, you see, not something your logo or colours can do alone.

In this post, I like to share with you the biggest driver of a successful brand that no one talks about…it’s the energy of your brand.

While marketing is a way of building relationships and to foster trust in buying from you. But what attracts others to even pay attention and spend time to learn more about your biz and brand?

Furthermore, we are all led by our intuition, hence people can sense your brand energy before the reading, hearing, watching anything of yours. YOUR ENERGETIC BRAND IS WHAT ATTRACTS YOUR SOUL CLIENTS TO ENGAGE IN YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS.

You become so attractive and magnetic when your energetic brand is in alignment with your soul clients’ desires. Have you ever woke up to emails from a soul client you’ve never met and want to work with you? Miracles do happen when your energetic brand is vibrating at high levels combining with aligned branding and marketing strategies.

3 shifts to raise the vibration of your energetic brand:

1. Brand Confidence

Confidence can be formed through consistent actions and breaking out of your comfort zone. But your level of confidence fluctuates as you expand and grow to new heights. I do believe the root of building your confidence is from cultivating your own personal power. It’s often given away unknowingly. Especially women entrepreneurs, often have loose boundaries; tendency in putting everyone before themselves. That is a way of giving your power away, stemming from self-worthiness blocks. Ultimately, YOU are your brand, so you can imagine when you don’t value yourself, no one else would.

2. Alignment

Alignment is such a buzz word, what does it mean anyway? It’s your natural indicator when some things are in need of an adjustment. To put into perspective; understand everything is energy. Your being, material things, your biz, even to each of your relationships. When your energetic brand is out of alignment; you may experience difficulty in expressing your uniqueness, inability to pull clear and concise messaging, creatively blocked, or unsure how to stay visible. 3 ways to shift your energetic brand into alignment is getting clear in your brand purpose, your soul clients’ desires, and where you are unique.

3. Clarity

You never have to look outside for clarity, it’s all within you. This is why self-awareness is crucial to building your unique personal brand with poise and grace. For example, there is a ton of information on google alone that can keep you learning for years to come. However, you don’t need to learn more, you need clarity between stories and truths.

Stories are made up of our fears to protect us from being seen as a fraud as an example. The ability to distinguish the two is empowering, also equips you to make better decisions both in life and biz. When looking outside of ourselves, often result in comparing mode. Which never move us forward on our own path. A real shift happened in my biz when I became crystal clear on the stories I need to let go, expectations of myself that aren’t mine, and strengthen trust in myself. So I can better serve my soul clients.

Do the inner work on your unique brand to ground it. Then pair up with brand identity unique to you helps raise your brand frequency and vibrations. In lieu of searching what is a brand, ask yourself what needs to shift within me.

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