5-Day Transformative Shamanic Journey to Fuller Self-Trust, Owning Your Brilliance – NOW, Activating Your Leadership and Magnetic Presence.

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Are you a high-level professional, public figure, or successful entrepreneur wrestling with feelings of impostor syndrome?

Despite being seen as a rockstar in your field, do you feel like an outsider in your own success story, held back by self-doubt and a creeping sense of not being enough?

It’s time to break free from the cycle of self-editing and anxiety that dims your inner light.


Let go of the need to do it alone, work 10x harder to make it happen. Or the need to prove you’re deserving whatever your next level.


Allow in all that you envision to become and have – NOW!


Experience the power and love of your soul in this 5 days transmutational journey.


This challenge activates your embodiment of confidence and creativity by forging a deeper connection with yourself and the universe, in full trust and support.

Over these 5 days, I will support you and hold you safely to connect with different aspects of yourself. I will show you how you can lead the lower forces of yourself to higher consciousness. And return to the innate nature of your soul, that’s magnetic.

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Join me, Whitney Mullings, soul brand shaman on this 5-day experiential shamanic journey to resource your soul with your sovereign energy. When you are full of all the essences of yourself, clarity confidence conviction exudes.

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"... way you share information is clear and honest ... few of what you shared resonates with me which brought me to my body ..."
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This 5-Day Transformative Shamanic Journey is crafted to support you to embody your power and presence.

Day 1: Connecting to Your Soul

The passion that fueled your rise isn’t enough to propel you forward. But embodying the truth of who you are – will.

Your truth is found in the connection with your soul. Your centre of joy, unconditional self-love, fulfilment, and clarity of your desires.

Day 2: Unveil Your Subconscious

You can’t make changes to what you don’t know. Shamanic journeying is the most practical tool to rewire your neuropathways and accelerate the healing of your wounds, judgement, and emotional hurts.

Day 3: Releasing Old Personalities

Releasing the old to wear on the new energy of you, the new identity of your becoming. Make room to expand into the bigger capacity of your love and power.

Day 4: Inner Child Journey

Embodiment isn’t getting rid of your trauma. But to make peace with it, be in harmony with it, and love it as they are a part of your soul. A lot of what is required of us to regain self-trust is to nurture and mother our inner child.

Day 5: Integration

LIVE Q&A | Mentoring

Now, more than ever, you need to evolve beyond the strategies that brought you here to harness the next level of your true potential.

Hi! I'm Whitney

We’re all the product of our interesting past . . .
This is a little of mine – and what brought me to this point.

After a life in corporate marketing, sitting in meetings – examining sales results hourly and generally feeling exhausted 24 hours a day. Being told by the business to constantly check myself to see if I was actually good enough – as a professional AND a person to do the job.

One Monday on maternity leave, I had this urge to hand in my notice. So, do you know what?
That’s exactly what I did.
I suspect that part of that story could even be you?

The morning after what I now call my ‘’night of equal angst and relief’ – I set up the company.

I’d like to say I’ve never looked back – well. I have never regretted that walk out of the door. Because although I left perceived safety behind. I found myself.

As they say, the teacher appears when the student is ready. The follow of the urges from my soul led me to apprentice under The Modern Day Shaman. Then every iteration of life and business presented me with possibilities – for one, becoming a practitioner in womb consciousness and many more.

And now…we’ve all found each other!

Powerful things happen as I work with high-level professionals, public figures, entrepreneurs, and groups the world over.

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"... your training wasn't only informed, how-to tool oriented seminar, it was an experience of my spirituality and my being shifted ..."
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"... she has helped me cut through all the noise and helped me become so at ease with my visibility, I completely up-leveled in my business as a result ..."
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"... She's so kind and caring, able to pull stories and my life experiences as my brand, I was able to get paid clients ..."
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Join me on a transformative journey where you will speak your truth, reconnect with your core, and step into the leadership role you were meant to play—empowered, clear, and unapologetically you.

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