Does your brand reflect your uniqueness,

speaking to the authenticity & depth of

who YOU are?

Get Clear on What Makes You Unique


to uncover your unique gifts that’ll give you clarity

to flourish in your business and prosper.

Your Brand is a Reflection of What Makes You Unique.

Just in case you didn’t know…

You Are Special. You Are Unique.

I see you. I see your magic. I see what makes you special. I'll hold space so that you can see it in yourself.


You Are Your Own Brand

Here’s the TRUTH

It’s NOT just about the surface level of creating a brand that shapes your uniqueness, that’s easy…

The DEEPER question is; are you courageous enough to step up to owning it?

Because WHEN you do, you’ll get clear on how & who you serve.

Understanding and OWNING up to what YOU bring to the table will change your self worth, self confidence, and carry such a strong PRESENCE that it becomes highly attractive to your soul clients.

Elevate Your Brand Magnetism, with Poise, Be So Attractive You Call In Your Soul Clients

Sometimes perfectly CURATED WORDS doesn't help your brand to standing out.

It's everything to do with the ENERGY behind your brand.

Working with Whitney was a true delight.  She really cares deeply about her clients and takes the time to get to know them from every angle.   When I first reached out to her, I had all of these different parts of my story and  was struggling with how to pull it all together succinctly and magnetically.  Whitney had the patience of a saint!   She listened and helped me pull out what was important, what wasn't and provided guidance on how to best position myself and my message.  She has the unique added ability of being highly intuitive and helped me connect the dots that I didn't even know where there.

I highly recommend working with Whitney!


My wish & my gift to you is not just in helping you SEE your own innate gift, what makes you UNIQUE, and will have you STAND OUT in your business, I also support you in your CONFIDENCE in claiming it.

You CAN make a business of yourself with your natural talents & gifts.

The key to that is through not just having a beautiful & compelling brand, it's also through your OWNERSHIP of what makes you unique & your ability to CLAIM through your brand.

Which then LEADS to greater impact, financial security & your feeling deeply FULFILLED in your work & presence in the world.

Branding is so much more than just creating a UNIQUE & BEAUTIFUL presence through your copy, print & website.

Branding becomes POWERFUL & MAGNETIC when we are truly the EMBODIMENT of what we have created through those pieces that I help you put together.

I help you to MAKE shit happen with what you’ve already got - your own uniqueness and flare.

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