3 Ways to Stand Out and Attract More Soul Clients

3 Ways to Stand Out and attract more soul clients

October 4, 2017
Stand Out

Alignment of your heart, mind, and soul STAND OUT.

​​How do you do that?
What stops you from aligning these things and stand out as a shining light to your soul clients?

Your actions need to be fuelled by your passion for your work, it is that simple. And that is why I fan girl on women entrepreneurs. Their commitment to growth, change, and a determination to make things happen.

Self Imposed Filters Dimming Your Inner Fire

​​Most women, me included, have self imposed filters dimming their inner fire. Keeping you from standing out. You know the ones; fear of being judged, comparing yourself to others, feeling not good enough or worrying about being called a fraud, about not delivering, or about being seen as silly. I find I am my own judge and jury, and my own harshest critic, is that the same for you?

So there we have it, catch 22. You want to stand out and attract your soul clients, yet your inner filters make it difficult for you to align heart, mind, and soul.

Here are My Top 3 Tips to Start Shifting into Your Soul Brand.

Tip 1: Get clear on your SOUL BRAND PURPOSE

Do you often get hung up on explaining the “how” you do what you do?

Maybe you believe that’s logical. But it just means shit to your soul clients, because they haven’t gone through what you have. They don’t know the value and effects to all that you say how you do… yet. Your all knowing ‘how’ doesn’t stand out to them.

You are not a rookie in getting in tune with what you are passionate in doing for others. Start from there, and compose a sentence or two of what it is. For example, for my work, I am so passionate in helping women in becoming confident in their natural capabilities. You are so powerful, and you have just forgotten because either your own stories buried it, or you don’t realize what comes easy for you makes you unique. My mission is leading women to seeing their own uniqueness and gifts to convey in their soul brand and portray accordingly in their marketing to stand out as they are, also create thriving biz.

Your soul brand purpose should strike a chord with you, because it is the exact thing you’re working through in yourself. It is what ignites your passion, and literally make you cry talking about it. And guess what? In my experience, I’ve grown up as a timid young girl with very little confidence. I used to talk so low where people forget I was there because they can never hear what I say. And my first biz was a complete failure because I kept second guessing myself. No one ever follows a none leader. Start speaking to your soul clients from the place of “why” you do what you do.

Tip 2: Start Sprinkle It To Everything You Share in Your Marketing

This one is easier said than done. Especially when you do your inner work, evolve, and continue to transform rapidly. It can get overwhelming on what to share when you’re processing, integrating, and shifting all the time. A few methods you can try out;

  1. Don’t over think it, as you are your own brand. Know you can tie any of your content share back to your core message when you are clear in your soul brand purpose or your “why”. For ex, this very message is to confirm anything you want to share from your heart is needed. So, be confident in being you and share what’s on your heart, as it will resonate with your soul clients.
  2. You will have different perspectives when you are clear in your soul brand purpose. It is just different ways of seeing and conveying your core message.
  3. More importantly, it’s sharing your beautiful mind and messages consistently to get seen and heard by your soul clients. The more you hide, the more of your learnings accumulate and trips your mind up as to where to start communicating!

Tip 3: Align Yourself to Your Soul Clients Challenges Stand Out Organically

Your soul clients are reflections of different aspects of yourself. They bring you lessons, or reciprocate your growth. Use them as your marketing inspirations and dive into your working with clients and share from your perspective on it. It will continue to help the growth of your soul and stand out. And it will resonate with more of your soul clients. Consistent sharing builds visibility, and that is an organic way to stand out and spreading your soul brand. After all, this is key in sparking new connections with your soul clients. Just remember you need to show up every day for them to experience your energy.

These ideas work, yet if you find you are still struggling to align your passion to your soul clients, get in touch and let me help you find the soul of your brand.​​​​

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