Every service is designed and works to unlock your divine magnetism. And elevating you to become the leader of your business and brand. 
Create alchemy from within.
Whitney x

When you have a strong sense of self, your soul brand speaks value.

It pays to be authentic because it creates resonance when you speak from your soul unfiltered.

  • Exude quiet confidence that attracts soul clients to you
  • Speak with conviction promoting effectiveness in your work
  • A  stand-out brand of distinction with an irresistible position that's uniquely yours

And now comes the best part, it's not all about what you say in your content.

It's about what's read in between the lines, in the energy of you and your words.

Sherlyne Michel Social Media Strategist

The very next day after gaining some clarity, I landed my first clients with ease.


Wow! Where do I start? There are so many benefits from working with Whitney. I gained so much clarity on my ideal clients, my brand and how to position myself. The best thing about working with Whitney is that she makes you realize so many things that you didn't know about yourself and how to use them in your brand. I definitely recommend Whitney as a brand therapist. You will walk away with so much clarity. The very next day after gaining some clarity, I landed my first clients with ease.

It's time to fizzle out the clouds of self-doubts & distrust of your own inner -wisdom.

Also, enough of living in judgement against you being good enough. 

People can sense them behind your visuals, words, and presence.

  • You have a huge desire to help others find themselves. But end up feeling you want it more than themselves.
  • You live and breathe self-development. While no one seems to care you're the real deal.
  • You care so much about others' results than your own. Yet, deep down you want those big results for yourself too.

The key to all that you want NOW ...

 is bet on yourself first. Creating those epic results from within.

How to make magic . . . is that what you're after?

Every program I offer is designed to activate the core of your personal power.

Align to the vibration of your divine & magnetism unique to you.

Creates alchemy from within, a miracle from the mystic you've always had within.

private program

Soul Brand Shamanic Journey

Give the world permission to be themselves in a more truthful reality. Because they witness you living yours. You become an activator once you let go of what you think you can or can't do or should do. Maybe all that is the fearful projection of others and never belonged to you anyway?

Creating at your own rhythm, moving to your own beats, expressing your soul with the dynamic flow of the universe.

The vibration of you draws in soul aligned clients and opportunities propelling you to your next level of impact and income. Where your presence ripples and tugs at the hearts of those wanting the same. They are the ones who will come and are open to calibrate to your energy.

energetic design

Vibrational Matched Branding

Colour is a vibrational language. Your branding has to do that too. 

You are either at a standstill in deciding your brand colours, or maybe you've grown and current website isn't quite you anymore.

What if I can create a brand identity you can grow into? One that matches your vibration and ambition. Because branding is meant to help you attract, and expand - not contract and go unnoticed!


Soul Brand Enrichment

DNA Restructure + Soul Drawing + 2 hrs. Shamanic Journeying

Deep dive into releasing energetic seals, discords, and implants that suppresses light codes stored in your DNA. The release of this method activates your remembering and help raise your consciousness. Open your psychic abilities. Unconditionally love yourself as who you are and what you've achieved.

Include a custom soul drawing of your energy in the language of colours. Very telling through the scan of your chakra, aura, plus insights that come through your auric field. Which I will go over with you on our private call that follows with a focus on your soul purpose, gifts, and where you're headed in the world. 

Follow by a 2 hrs. private intensive where we will shamanic journey to lead you to experience your own energy.

Truly, Whitney - you are amazing at what you do! Highly recommend!

Tracy Gaudet
Intuitive Happiness Coach

Self-Paced Course

6 Days to Your Soulful & Magnetic Personal Brand $222

A comprehensive self-pace study course with daily email including workbooks + videos.

Guided step by step to draw out your soul brand essence and unique positioning. Include pre-recorded shamanic journeyings to re-align your brand energetics. Become a magnet drawing-in soul clients being authentically YOU.


Whitney was so great to work with! I was a bit nervous to start but she made me feel so comfortable! She had some great insight for me and into what my Soul Brand looks like. I was really having a hard time putting all the pieces together, but Whitney made it all come together so easily! I highly recommend her!

Courtney Marie - Holistic Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher

... provided guidance on how to best position myself and my message and helped me connect the dots that I didn't even know were there.

Working with Whitney was a true delight. She really cares deeply about her clients and takes the time to get to know them from every angle. When I first reached out to her, I had all of these different parts of my story and was struggling with how to pull it all together succinctly and magnetically. Whitney had the patience of a saint! She listened and helped me pull out what was important, what wasn't and provided guidance on how to best position myself and my message. She has the unique added ability to be highly intuitive and helped me connect the dots that I didn't even know were there.

I highly recommend working with Whitney!

Beth Larsen - Beth Larsen Coaching, LLC

I found myself more confident and self-aware each week and saw a noticeable shift in my energy and how I was articulating my mission and offer to others.

I loved working with Whitney! What a gift. I gained so much clarity on who my soul client is and how to authentically attract more of them to my message and business.

Whitney has been a tremendous resource and guide as I worked to connect more with my soul clients and remove my own personal blocks to show up bigger in my business. Her warm positive style made me feel at ease and open to going deep in my personal development. I found myself more confident and self-aware each week and saw a noticeable shift in my energy and how I was articulating my mission and offer to others. As a spiritual guide, Whitney was also incredibly powerful in helping me better understand and leverage my intuitive gifts with my clients and in my life. her guidance has been invaluable in that space.

Annmarie Molina - Founder & Coach at SheHaus

... the woman was very impressed with how focused my message was. Well, that was thanks to Whitney.

I had help from Whitney Mullings recently with focusing on my brand story. She brings an infectious enthusiasm to her work and asks really good questions to tease out my entrepreneurial and brand stories. When I took the notes from my session with her into a meeting with a funnel specialist, the woman was very impressed with how focused my message was. Well, that was thanks to Whitney.

Rebecca Kellogg - Intuitive Healer & Explorer

I recently had a soul brand intuitive session with Whitney. I was amazed by how accurate and insightful our session was. Whitney clearly saw my soul purpose & gifts and confirmed my alignment to how I serve my clients. What I loved best about working with Whitney, is how she tied all of this into a grounded brand strategy so that I may have an authentic online presence. I highly recommend Whitney to all entrepreneurs in need of assistance with creating & clarifying their brand.

"It's helped me refine my voice so that it's in alignment with my values, essence and overall message."

After our intensive, I felt so confident about my story, my passion and how I could genuinely serve the women I serve. I now get that brand is how and what I want people to feel vs. simply a logo and pretty colours. It's helped me refine my voice so that it's in alignment with my values, essence and overall message. What I liked best about Whitney is how at ease she made me feel. I'm a busy mom and always on the go - but being on the phone with her was like therapy! She's so calm, listens profoundly and asks the most thought-provoking questions. I also love how she did all the note-taking and sent them to me. I would HIGHLY recommend Whitney to entrepreneurs who are struggling to figure out how to genuinely speak about their services and how they can help others. If you think that your market is oversaturated and that you're not special - think again. Whitney will totally help you clear all of that! And honestly... if you're just starting your biz... start with her.

If we've not met...

I'm Whitney Mullings, a Soul Brand Shaman. I spark your soul's fire for passion and purpose, unlock your divine magnetism in the vibration of who you are as a brand. I help you find deep compassion for yourself in speaking your voice unfiltered and unedited.  Come back to yourself in full trust as you say lovingly "I'm unique, this is me".

When your spiritual self is expressed, you become magnetic.

My intention is to support your creativity, expressions, and attraction of soul clients and possibilities. The goal is to create from the magic of your divine feminine and action in your divine masculine.

  • light your soul on fire propelling you forward with aligned actions
  • speaking your spiritual intellect where your words become vibrational
  • exudes a new level of confidence and attracts new soul clients, opportunities, and etc.
  • creativity and birthing them to your own rhythm aligning with the beats of the universe
Let’s do this.
Whitney Initial
Karen Malone Holistic Psychic Wealth & Mindset Coach

I'm now completely ready to express my business, the truth of what I believe in and what I do.


I came to Whitney as I was in need of up-levelling my brand:: I needed a soul biz partner, not just a Brand:: but an awakening to my core message. I thought I needed a "look" and a "statement" something that just said, "this is what I do". But oh no, no, no:: and no. I needed to understand the difference in me. The message I could relay: the essence of me, so that beautiful someone who needed my special and unique coaching could feel me:: find me:: connect with me.

Whitney taught me my brand is honestly a piece of me. A soul expression of me. I'm now completely ready to express my business, the truth of what I believe in and what I do.

I'm prepared to attract my client.

I'm prepared to raise my brand, my voice, to connect with my client. I'm prepared to offer my professional wisdom to my most beautiful client:: because she is already a price of me.

Whitney is a soul essence brand shaman that doesn't just speak and write words:: she channels the words like a gift from your higher-self.

That connection you need to bring out your highest: true self so you can attract your most desired client is what Whitney does.

Yes, you need her.

private program

Soul Brand Shamanic Journey

A 3-month Soul Mastery Journey

Deep connection with your purpose, intuit your soul's message, and full expression of  your divine essence. This offer brings out the full spectrum of your brand energetics, strategy, messaging, and all in alignment with YOU.

Lead with your soul and purpose as your brand.

Weekly Private 60 min. Sessions

Framework you can expect to have;

part 1: Self-Understanding

A complete journey to regaining your personal power, heal your sense of self-worth, and lifting the energetics of your soul brand

  • Your Purpose: is to fully express your divine feminine. To do that, we'll first reconnect with her through your feminine centres and awaken your sacred womb consciousness.
  • Your Initiation: exactly the bloodshed of experiences that shaped you. We'll work on releasing unprocessed emotions from this lifetime or across lifetimes. Trauma, woundings, vows, and what's ready to go! Allow yourself to owning all edges of you.

part 2: Self-TRUST

You're divinely magnetic when you express your spiritual-self, your soul, your truth. Get clear on the essence of who you are, what makes you unique, your brand positioning, and supporting your confidence to owning it

  • Your Transformation: lights your own path. Also a rite of passage to lead your soul clients to their own transformation and path. You'll experience the ancient technique of shamanic journeying and sacred teaching of womb awakening from mystery school as tools.
  • Your Integration: is the embodiment of your divine feminine in the here and now. It's the key to your effectiveness in holding space for yourself, and your soul clients into their potential.


Unwavering confidence is a practice. Same with strong boundaries. Also, let go fo co-dependent bonds, older versions of yourself, and uphold the value of YOU.

  • Power of Creativity: it's the magic, insight, and downloads from your divine feminine. I'll lead you to connect with your inner-wise woman and create a life and business your way.
  •  Your Expression: of your truth unfiltered is divinely magnetic and vibrant. More importantly, it comes through in full trust, with certainty, and poise. 

part 4: highest expression of you

Irresistible power and presence expressed in your message as a brand.

  • Your Vibrational Message: will be your manifesto aligned with your purpose and speak straight to your soul clients' hearts.
  • Your Aligned Strategy: from the union of your divine feminine and masculine. Your actions then carry the highest of vibrations and impact. In full alignment with the flow of abundance.

bonus: included for all private clients

Soul Brand Enrichment

Soul Drawing + DNA Restructure + Shamanic Journeying 

a pure read of your energy into an intuit drawing.

We dive into your soul purpose, soul gifts, chakras and auric field for insights to your expansion in consciousness. Removal of any energetic seals, shadows, and discords you inherited from earth's chakras. Shamanic journeying for healing and uplifting your frequency and vibrations. 

Value of $777

This intensive is available for booking separately, click below on 'Learn More'.

A powerful container to your authentic expressions, and shifts into paradigm of service in what you do in business and leadership. Success follows.

Total Investment

A 3-month shamanic journey to connect to your soul as a brand. 

Full support of your embodiment through your sacred divine feminine and expressing her through your divine masculine.

Fulfill the highest and truest expression of who you are in business, as a brand, and in life.

$5,555 USD (*payment plan available)

I knew I was in trouble when I just couldn't get my message to even resonate with myself. Whitney helped me to become so clear on my gifts, skills and abilities - so many times we minimize the gift that we truly are and what we bring into this universe...Whitney was NOT letting me hide. She called them out and although uncomfortable her belief in me allowed me PERMISSION to believe in me.

Alycia Huston
Women's Leadership Mentor

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