You have an inkling that pieces of your uniqueness are missing from YOUR BRAND. You can't pin it because you're too close to it!

I see YOU.

I can't wait to connect YOU deeply with your own soul & power.

Your vibration, magnetism, confidence is raised when you do.

Alas, be the authority of your brand and let success be led by your natural rhythm of flow.

Sherlyne Michel Social Media Strategist

The very next day after gaining some clarity, I landed my first clients with ease.


Wow! Where do I start? There are so many benefits from working with Whitney. I gained so much clarity on my ideal clients, my brand and how to position myself. The best thing about working with Whitney is that she makes you realize so many things that you didn't know about yourself and how to use them in your brand. I definitely recommend Whitney as a brand therapist. You will walk away with so much clarity. The very next day after gaining some clarity, I landed my first clients with ease.

Your brand conveys the energy of your message and promise to your soul clients.

That's when you get the "hell yes!"

It's the energy of uncertainty or confusion when you get excuses.

Annmarie Molina Founder & Coach at SheHaus

I found myself more confident and self-aware each week and saw a noticeable shift in my energy and how I was articulating my mission and offer to others.


I loved working with Whitney! What a gift. I gained so much clarity on who my soul client is and how to authentically attract more of them to my message and business.

Whitney has been a tremendous resource and guide as I worked to connect more with my soul clients and remove my own personal blocks to show up bigger in my business. Her warm positive style made me feel at ease and open to going deep in my personal development. I found myself more confident and self-aware each week and saw a noticeable shift in my energy and how I was articulating my mission and offer to others. As a spiritual guide, Whitney was also incredibly powerful in helping me better understand and leverage my intuitive gifts with my clients and in my life. her guidance has been invaluable in that space.

Someone told you if you build it they will come . . .

You never realized that building a brand (and a business) is more than strategies.

Your days are running together in a big muddy cloud of BUSY...and now you just feel EXHAUSTED.

If you're TIRED of spending hours . . .

DOING everything, aka self-sabotage in distraction 

BUILD a brand that is unique,

HOW to leverage your story,

WHERE to show up,

and entrepreneur overwhelm.

STOP. Standing out online doesn’t have to be so hard.

I can help XX
Rebecca Kellogg Intuitive Healer & Explorer

... the woman was very impressed with how focused my message was. Well, that was thanks to Whitney.


I had help from Whitney Mullings recently with focusing on my brand story. She brings an infectious enthusiasm to her work and asks really good questions to tease out my entrepreneurial and brand stories. When I took the notes from my session with her into a meeting with a funnel specialist, the woman was very impressed with how focused my message was. Well, that was thanks to Whitney.

I’ll help you GET CLEAR on your purpose, ensure your MISSION & BRAND, no matter what stage you’re at, are PERFECTLY PAIRED and that you feel completely ALIGNED & EXCITED in your divine essence

When we’re done,

you’ll be able to CONFIDENTLY tell others 

WHAT you do and 

WHO you do it for in a way that’s clear and FEELS JUST RIGHT - every time.

You’ll be pleased to WHOLEHEARTEDLY stand behind your work.

You will hold the key to ATTRACTING your soul clients, moreover in sharing yourself in value.

If we've not met...

I'm Whitney Mullings, a Soul Brand Shaman. I spark your soul's fire for passion and purpose, unlock your divine magnetism in the vibration of who you are as a brand. I help you find deep compassion for yourself in speaking your voice unfiltered and unedited.  Come back to yourself in full trust as you say lovingly "I'm unique, this is me".

Your brand converts in trust.

It’s critical it reflects who YOU are.

(If you care more about authenticity, integrity, oppose to fame and money alone.)

The ancient technique in shamanic journeying takes your energy to experience yourself through strong connection with all aspects of yourself, through different dimensions, space, and time. 

What if you can anchor the energy in self-trust? 

And recognize your ability to make happen on any intend from your soul, mind, and heart in harmony?

I hold space through the TRANSFORMATION OF YOU from doubting own impact and results, to standing in the value of YOU. Embodiment of your divine essence.  

Your brand is a reflection of what makes you unique

From your logo to colours to web design & copy, your brand should have YOU written all over it.

Pulling pieces of who you are to NAIL your brand, get CLEAR, COHESIVE, CONSISTENT messaging, CONNECT with your soul client on a deep level,

and DETERMINE your position.

So you'll be able to market on-brand with CONFIDENCE, GRACE, POISE and boost your MAGNETISM to draw-in your soul clients in a POWERFUL way.

Are you ready to STAND OUT, be RECOGNIZED, create WEALTH & PROSPER doing something you love?

Let’s build a BRAND & BUSINESS you’ll be proud of.

One you CONFIDENTLY EMBODY, so you become wildly magnetic to your soul clients.

As someone who’s experienced the exhilarating high of sudden income and the deafening roar of crickets after the rush, I know the reality of the ENTREPRENEURIAL ROLLER-COASTER.

 A solid brand connected to you and your story - YOUR WHY - is the key to level-up the playing field and bringing in consistent income.

I’m here to help you FULLY STEP into your calling with a polished, professional image, so you can build the business and life you’re dreaming of.

You deserve a hard-working, purpose-oriented brand.

It’s time you stood out from the rest.

Let’s do this x

Whitney Initial

Soul Brand Shamanic Journey

It’s not just about the surface level of creating a brand that shapes your uniqueness, that’s easy…

The deeper question is;

are you courageous enough to step up to owning it? Because when you do, you’ll get clear on how and who you serve. Understanding and owning up to what YOU bring to the table will change your self-worth, self-confidence, and carry such a strong presence that it becomes highly attractive to your soul clients.

A brand aligning to your soul convey the energy of your message to your soul clients. Connect deeply, lovingly, authentically, and attract unconsciously. A complete journey to lift your brand energetics.

Vibrational Matched Branding

Branding matching the vibrations of you and your soul clients. They will be so attracted to you unconsciously. Because colour is a vibrational language, so your branding has to do that too.

This for you as you have been working on path and it's time to expand. You know who YOU are, your soul and brand. You are either at a standstill in deciding your brand colours, or you've outgrown your current branding. Maybe your current website feels old, worn out, not quite you anymore.

What if I tell you; you can create a brand identity you can grow into? Because our branding is meant to help us attract, and not take energy, time, and resources away!

Karen Malone Holistic Psychic Wealth & Mindset Coach

I'm now completely ready to express my business, the truth of what I believe in and what I do.


I came to Whitney as I was in need of up-levelling my brand:: I needed a soul biz partner, not just a Brand:: but an awakening to my core message. I thought I needed a "look" and a "statement" something that just said, "this is what I do". But oh no, no, no:: and no. I needed to understand the difference in me. The message I could relay: the essence of me, so that beautiful someone who needed my special and unique coaching could feel me:: find me:: connect with me.

Whitney taught me my brand is honestly a piece of me. A soul expression of me. I'm now completely ready to express my business, the truth of what I believe in and what I do.

I'm prepared to attract my client.

I'm prepared to raise my brand, my voice, to connect with my client. I'm prepared to offer my professional wisdom to my most beautiful client:: because she is already a price of me.

Whitney is a soul essence brand shaman that doesn't just speak and write words:: she channels the words like a gift from your higher-self.

That connection you need to bring out your highest: true self so you can attract your most desired client is what Whitney does.

Yes, you need her.

Self-Paced Course

6 Days to Your Soulful & Magnetic Personal Brand $197

A comprehensive self-pace study course with daily email including workbooks + videos.

Guided step by step to draw out your soul brand essence and unique positioning. Include pre-recorded shamanic journeyings to re-align your brand energetics. Become a magnet drawing-in soul clients being authentically YOU.

private program

Soul Brand Shamanic Journey