Do you have an inkling that the pieces that make YOU unique are missing from YOUR BRAND and you can't see it because you're too close to it?

I see YOU. I can't wait to connect YOU with your own soul, so you see how powerful YOU are.

Sherlyne Michelle Social Media Strategist


Wow! Where do I start? There are so many benefits from working with Whitney. I gained so much clarity on my ideal clients, my brand and how to position myself. The best thing about working with Whitney is that she makes you realize so many things that you didn't know about yourself and how to use it in your brand. I definitely recommend Whitney as a brand therapist. You will walk away with so much clarity. The very next day after gaining some clarity, I landed my first clients with ease.

Does your brand convey the energy of your message to your soul clients?

Yearning for your soul clients to clearly FEEL & UNDERSTAND THE ENERGY supporting and guiding your soul brand?

Frustrated about finding a way to STAND OUT HEAD & SHOULDERS above the rest, and deliver your message so it sounds like YOU?

Struggling with FEELINGS OF CONFIDENCE and clarity around your brand, and what makes you unique?

Stacy Spain Stacy Spain Law PLC


Whitney is so much fun to work with! She did an energy drawing for me and gave me all the information about the colors and the shapes and all of her intuitive hits. And it was spot on and then we related it to my business, my ideal client and even my brand story and she filled in gaps that I've been trying to fill in for myself for months. Highly recommend her work!!!!

Here's the problem, someone told you if you build it they will come . . .

You never realized that building a brand (and a business) has so many moving pieces.

Your days are running together in a big, shiny cloud of DISTRACTION...and now you just feel EXHAUSTED.

If you're TIRED of spending hours . . .

...(that turn into days, then stretch into weeks) trying to figure everything out how to ...

BUILD a brand that is unique,

HOW to leverage your story,

WHERE to show up,

... and feel like you are battling blank screens and entrepreneur overwhelm everyday of your life and still have nothing to show for ALL of your hard work and dedication...

STOP. Standing out online doesn’t have to be so hard.

I can help XX

Rebecca Kellogg Intuitive Healer & Explorer


I had help from Whitney Mullings recently with focusing in on my brand story. She brings an infectious enthusiasm to her work and asks really good questions to tease out my entrepreneurial and brand stories. When I took the notes from my session with her into a meeting with a funnel specialist, the woman was very impressed with how focused my messaging was. Well, that was thanks to Whitney.

The good news is,

it doesn’t have to be like that.

I’ll help you GET CLEAR on your first steps and

ensure your MISSION & BRANDno matter what stage you’re at,

are PERFECTLY PAIRED and that you feel completely ALIGNED & EXCITED 

about your BRAND & PRESENCE.

When we’re done,

you’ll be able to CONFIDENTLY tell others 

WHAT you do and 

WHO you do it for in a way that’s clear and 

FEELS JUST RIGHT - every time.

You’ll be pleased to WHOLEHEARTEDLY stand behind your work.

You will hold the key to ATTRACTING your soul clients, moreover in sharing your VALUE.

If we've not met...

I'm Whitney Mullings, a Soul Brand Therapist. I work with coaches, transformational leaders to align their soul brand and draw in their soul clients unconsciously.

I spark your fire and passion from being clear of your soul purpose, pull your message from your heart, and create a brand matching your vibration in language of colour. All of this is the easy part, it fuels me to support your confidence in claiming your power.

So you can embody your own brand, stand out head and shoulder above the rest as you are authentically.

Your brand needs to work hard for you 24/7,

so it’s critical that it truly is a REFLECTION of who YOU are.

Alongside all of our branding work

I will also be holding space through the TRANSFORMATION OF YOU from being scared and unsure about what you do,

to being really DEEPLY AWARE & CONFIDENT about who YOU are,

what makes you UNIQUE & who you SERVE. This is where the brand therapy comes in.

Your brand is a reflection of what makes you unique

From your logo to colours to web design & copy, your brand should have YOU written all over it.

Each week, we'll hop on the phone where you'll receive step-by-step guidance on ...

pulling pieces of who you are to NAIL your brand,


CONNECT with your soul client on a deep level,

and DETERMINE your position.

So you'll be able to market on-brand with CONFIDENCE, GRACE, POISE and increase your MAGNETISM to draw in your soul clients in a POWERFUL way.

Your business will be perfectly polished, with:

  • PREMIUM BRAND, a complete journey to regaining your personal power, heal your sense of self worth, and lifting the energetics of your soul brand
  • ALIGN TO YOUR SOUL, become so magnetic to your soul clients with grace, poise, and authenticity
  • UNIQUE POSITION, getting clear on the essence of who you are, what makes you unique, your brand positioning, and supporting your confidence to owning it
  • IRRESISTIBLE PRESENCE, energy drawing and shamanic journey to expressing your message and brand image from your heart
  • AUTHENTIC EXPRESSIONS, holding energetic space for you to see your own soul, and manifesting soul clients

Are you ready to STAND OUT, be RECOGNIZED, create WEALTH & PROSPER doing something you love?

Let’s build a BRAND & BUSINESS you’ll be proud of.

And that you are able to CONFIDENTLY EMBODY so you become wildly magnetic to your soul clients.

As someone who’s experienced the exhilarating high of sudden income and the deafening roar of crickets after the rush, I know the reality of the ENTREPRENEURIAL ROLLER-COASTER.

A solid brand that’s connected to you and your story - YOUR WHY - is the key to leveling the playing field and bringing in consistent income.

I’m here to help you FULLY STEP into your calling with a polished, professional image, so you can build the business and life you’re dreaming of.

You deserve a hard-working, purpose-oriented brand.

It’s time you stood out from the rest.

Let’s do this xx

Apply for one of the following personalized biz & brand therapy packages now.

Soul Brand Therapy + Vibrational Match Branding

It’s not just about the surface level of creating a brand that shapes your uniqueness, that’s easy…

The deeper question is; are you courageous enough to step up to owning it? Because when you do, you’ll get clear on how and who you serve. Understanding and owning up to what YOU bring to the table will change your self worth, self confidence, and carry such a strong presence that it becomes highly attractive to your soul clients.

A brand aligning to your soul convey the energy of your message to your soul clients. Connect deeply, lovingly, authentically, and attract unconsciously. A complete journey to lift your brand energetics. Including done-for-you branding matching the vibration of you and your soul clients.

VIP Vibrational Match Branding

Branding matching the vibrations of you and your soul clients. They will be so attracted to you unconsciously. Because colour is a vibrational language, so your branding has to do that too.

This for you as you have been working on path and it's time to expand. You know who YOU are, your soul and brand. You are either at a standstill in deciding your brand colours, or you've outgrown your current branding. Maybe your current website feels old, worn out, not quite you anymore.

What if I tell you; you can create a brand identity you can grow into? Because our branding is meant to help us attract, and not take energy, time, and resources away!

Karen Malone Holistic Psychic Wealth & Mindset Coach


Brand therapy. I came to Whitney a couple months ago as I was in need of up-leveling my brand:: I needed a soul biz partner, not just a Brand :: but an awakening to my core message. I thought I needed a "look" and a "statement" something that just said "this is what I do". But oh no, no, no :: and no. I needed to understand the difference in me. The message I could relay : the essence of me, so that beautiful someone who needed my special and unique coaching could feel me :: find me :: connect with me.

Whitney taught me my brand is honestly a piece of me. A soul expression of me. I'm now completely ready to express my business, the truth of what I believe in and what I do.

I'm prepared to attract my client.

I'm prepared to raise my brand, my voice, to connect with my client. I'm prepared to offer my professional wisdom to my most beautiful client :: because she is already a price of me.

Whitney is a soul essence brand therapist that doesn't just speak and write words :: she channels the words like gift from your higher self.

That connection you need to bring out your highest : true self so you can attract your most desired client is what Whitney does.

Yes, you need her.

A 6 month journey to lift your brand energetics, and a done-for-you branding matching the vibrations of your soul clients.

Being able to intuit your soul's message, and skills to express your soul energy in the language of colours and design fills me with excitement. This offer brings the full spectrum of your brand expression; strategy, messaging, and identity ... all in alignment energetically.


VIP Intensive

2 hour deep-dive to understanding and aligning your soul brand and soul clients

20x 60min. 1:1 Weekly sessions customized to meet you & your biz’s needs

Framework you can expect to have;

CRYSTAL CLARITY on your soul purpose & clients to building connections on a deep level

MESSAGING pull from your heart

POSITIONING that stands out head & shoulder above the rest

BRAND IMAGE: and why it’s vital to have a cohesive presentation of your brand in all your client touch points, to appeal to your soul clients

MARKETING: actionable steps weekly so you’re visible from our very first call

UNLIMITED email support

Creative Director

You are in the position of Creative Director of your brand identity design process

2x 60min. 1:1 sessions to review creative process, drafts, edits, and final confirmation

Cohesive Consistent Branding

Fully cohesive branding to cover every single of your soul client touch points.

Custom design script logo both primary & secondary

Brand board & guide

5x Custom Designed Website Banners

3x Custom Designed Social Media Buttons

Email newsletter banner

3x Social Media Banners

FB Biz & Group Cover Photos

3x FB Photo Post Tamplate

1x Custom Designed PDF Workbook Template

Done-For-You Website

5x Main webpages: home, about, work with me, blog, contact

2x Legal webpages: privacy policy, terms of use

3x Custom designed CTA buttons: learn more, call now, buy now, etc.

3x custom designed social media buttons: facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc.


Soul Brand Energy Drawing: a pure read of your energy

Revealing you soul purpose, and soul gifts

A scan of your chakras giving insight to current energy block(s)

Colours of your aura and symbols indicating where you are going in the world

Infused with healing, a drawing you can look repeatedly to reinforce higher vibrations

Total Value of $397 USD

Total Investment

A 6 month journey to lift your brand energetics, a done-for-you branding, and 5x page website matching the vibrations of your soul clients.

$9,497 USD (*payment plan available)

. . . not quite ready to commit to a 6 month journey?

Then this 4 month Soul Brand Therapy is a perfect option.

I have to say, it was absolutely divine working with Whitney. I knew I was in trouble when I just couldn't get my message to even resonate with myself. When I got on the phone with Whitney she was intensely listening, I mean I could just FEEL she was present with every word coming out of my mouth. She helped me to become so clear on my gifts, skills and abilities - so many times we minimize the gift that we truly are and what we bring into this universe...Whitney was NOT letting me hide. She called them out and although uncomfortable her belief in me allowed me PERMISSION to believe in me.

Whitney helped make it plain for me to SEE who my ideal client was. She helped me to step out of fear and own that I was equipped with the tools for that particular group of women, because I was that group of women. I also found extremely valuable that she availed herself to me as I begin to integrate this new way of BEing into my business - she really understands this is a process.

I would surely recommend Whitney in the future. I believe she is a fit for the entrepreneurial woman who is just starting out, confused due to lack of clarity in her business model or an established business owner looking to expand her reach. She is truly a master at her craft and would be an invaluable asset for any woman looking to grow her visibility in the business realm.

Alycia Huston Women's Leadership Mentor

Soul Brand Therapy

A 4 month journey to heal your sense of worth, finally stand in your personal power, and a brand aligning to your soul. Your soul brand conveying the energy of your message to your soul clients. Embodying your own brand gracefully, beautifully, and with poise.


VIP Intensive

2 hour deep-dive to understanding and aligning your soul brand and soul clients

15x 60min. 1:1 Weekly sessions customized to meet you & your biz’s needs

Framework you can expect to have;

CRYSTAL CLARITY on your soul clients to building connections on a deep level

MESSAGING pull from your heart

POSITIONING that stands out head & shoulder above the rest

MARKETING: actionable steps weekly so you’re visible from our very first call

UNLIMITED email support


Energy Drawing: a pure read of your energy

Revealing you soul purpose, and soul gifts

A scan of your chakras giving insight to current energy block(s)

Colours of your aura and symbols indicating where you are going in the world

Infused with healing, a drawing you can look repeatedly to reinforce higher vibrations

Total Value of $397 USD

Total Investment

A 4 month journey to connect to your soul brand. So you can stand in your power, claim your position, own your worth. Embody your soul brand to call in your soul clients authentically.

$5,497 or $1580 x4 USD

Quiana McCray Author, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and the Founder of the Feminine, Focused, & Free lifestyle


I was able to gain clarity and focus on my brand, who I wanted to serve and how to position myself. The positioning exercise was so key and such a game changer for me. As a strategist I help my clients on positioning in such a different way; thinking about positioning from a branding perspective was new and refreshing. I really appreciated the time went into learning my background and my story to help me to build my brand so that it was authentic to who I am at the core. I recommend Whitney to other entrepreneurs, especially creatives, who need a different perspective yet get it.

Brenda Sillas Health Consultant


After our intensive I felt so confident about my story, my passion and how I could genuinely serve the women I serve. I now get that brand is how and what I want people to feel vs.simply a logo and pretty colors. It's helped me refine my voice so that it's in alignment with my values, essence and overall message. What I liked best about Whitney is how at ease she made me feel. I'm a busy mom and always on the go - but being on the phone with her was like therapy! She's so calm, listens profoundly and asks the most thought provoking questions. I also love how she did all the note taking and sent them to me. I would HIGHLY recommend Whitney to entrepreneurs who are struggling to figure out how to genuinely speak about their services and how they can help others. If you think that your market is over saturated and that you're not special - think again. Whitney will totally help you clear all of that! And honestly... if you're just starting your biz... start with her.

When I first went to Whitney for some help, to say that I was a little confused is an understatement! I was overwhelmed with my business, who I was really, and what to do next. Whitney was able to create space for me to off-load my thoughts and then nicely put them back together for me. She really has a knack for detangling all the stories you tell yourself, and serve it back to you all nicely on a silver platter in a way that you never knew possible. She pulls out all your answers that you have inside you without even realising it. She provides her objective opinion and isn't afraid of smacking down some tough love on you when required; and lord knows it's exactly what I needed! Thanks to Whitney, I truly am aware of MY brand, what a brand is, and why it's so important. I would hands down recommend Whitney to anyone needing some help with their brand in any way! Whitney is your gal!

Angela DaRosa Mindset Coach for Mompreneurs

Whitney is a master at helping entrepreneurs fully align and develop their brand. She is thoughtful, soulful and on-point. She asks brilliant questions resulting in reflective answers and offers proud insight and expertise by combing her intuitive insights and industry experience.

Shelley Donati Intuitive Life Coach

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