4 Reasons Why You're Not Ready For Website Brand Design

4 Reasons Why You’re Not Ready For Website Brand Design

As a branding expert, I know website brand design is an integral piece to building an online brand presence. A designing pretty website is also now a part of my service offerings. So why did I take 2 years to launch my own website or brand design? Here are my thoughts in no particular order;

Website & Brand Design are Biz Tools. It Isn’t Your Biz.


Connections are a top priority when it comes to biz building. At the core of marketing, it boils down to effective relationship building. Know, like, and trust factors influence buying decisions. A beautiful brand design on its own doesn’t help with making connections or building relationships. Connections are bind at an energetic level. What about you draws in your soul clients? It comes down to self-awareness to understand the specifics of what makes you and your brand magnetic.

Self Awareness:

Self-development is self-discovery and inner work. The never-ending journey of understanding self allows honing in where you are unique, and why you are the best candidate in helping your soul clients.

Perfecting how you serve is a bi-product of self-development. In my experience, the more I understand my own struggles and overcoming it makes me more effective at taking my soul clients further along on their path and journey. And the struggles are often your own mental roadblocks of not good enough, not deserving, and not worthy of the price tags others are charging.

Awareness is powerful in disproving your fears, mental roadblocks, and put you in high vibration in attracting soul clients mode. It heightens your intuition and sense of knowing in your next steps in the biz.

Website Brand Design Isn’t Enough

So you see how a website isn’t the foundation to yours or any biz! But it is important to have a ‘home’ online. It’s a piece of prime real estate you get to claim your own with full control. You can also look at it as your own media for PR. I’m so glad I took my time to launch my website because I didn’t know who I was as a biz owner at the very beginning! And now my brand, core message, brand essence, what I call myself, down to my colour choices are in alignment. Alignment to how I feel who I am, what I am about, and what I do in the biz. I honestly didn’t have the clarity and reassurance in the first year of my biz.

Clarity brings your message into alignment and heartfelt by your soul clients. This is the authenticity all heart-led entrepreneurs to strive to convey in their brands. How do you want your soul clients to feel about you? Are your brand and marketing aligning to how you want to be perceived?

Your Website & Brand Design On Its Own Won’t Generate Money

The connections and impact on your soul clients transformations is the foundation of your biz. Your website is an important biz tool, but it’s not your identity. Most new biz owners spend all of their time to get their website set up at the very beginning because they don’t feel credible without it. However, many have shared they’ve built their multi 6 to 7  figures income from their biz without a website. So don’t be mistaken, your identity isn’t your website. How are you showing up, and where are you being visible is key. After all, your website doesn’t generate traffic on its own either.

True Art Form Takes Focus, Practice, Energy, and Care

Once you are ready for a website, I would really suggest hiring help! It’s just like with anything else, the accountability of it alone will see the birth of your pretty website so much quicker!! Secondly, hiring professional help is crucial. There are many DIY opportunities, but conveying your brand and essence through creatives is truly a form of art. You will be best off to leave that to the professional designers. Not to mention, one of the best quality as a biz owner is to know how best to use your time. Are you spending your time in your zone of genius, or spending it learning in areas you can outsource?

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