Vibrational Matched Branding

Your 8-Week Journey to Branding Matching the Vibrations of Your Soul, and Who You Are.

Colour Is A Vibrational Language,

So Your Branding Has To Do That Too.

This program is for you working on path of purpose and continuing TO EXPAND.

You are either at a STANDSTILL in deciding your brand colours, or you've OUTGROWN your current branding because it's not quite you anymore.

What if I can create a BRAND IDENTITY that grows with you?


Because branding is meant to AMPLIFY your vibrations, help you ATTRACT,

and NOT take energy, time away for rebrand, and not to mention resources that goes along with the process plus output!

Yesterday I had a energy reading and branding call with Whitney, how fun was this experience!!! So much fun and she was bang on about so many things! Whitney brought many things to my attention that I had heard whispering at me now for some time. If your at a place where you want to look deeper into the heart and soul of your business Whitney is your girl! Branding Goddess plus energy reading! YES! Thanks again, that was so fun and refreshing!

Jennifer MacFarlane
The Money Medium

Colours speaks emotions and conveys personalities.

Each colour carries its own frequency, and it conveys the energy of your brand and message.

No wonder each of our chakra has different colour associated with it. And they each give us so much information leading to what our hearts really desire.

It's information so vest your mind is constantly just catching up to.

Your brand is felt before it's understood.

A vibrational matched branding is necessary to propel your brand energetics to the masses.

Your website is a platform and the foundation to scale your impact both online and offline.

"The truth is, your business gets judged based on appearance!

Doesn't matter how good your content is, if your branding isn't on point you look less legit." ~ Dr. Tracy Timberlake, Video and visibility expert. Speaker. Author. If you're a boss, then you need to show up like one and consistent branding plays a HUGE part in that!

Amanda Hummingbird Shamanic Coach

"... branding and a website that is not only stunning, unique and authentic but will also be transmitting aligned energies and resonance."


Whitney is an absolute joy to work with. I was recommended to work with Whitney when I was looking to create a brand and website that was authentic and true to my heart and soul. I had been struggling to get clear about what and how to present myself and my offerings of service and wanted to work with someone who would understand who I am and what I do in service. As Whitney had also done a year's apprenticeship with my shamanic teacher, I knew that she would have a deep energetic understanding and knowledge about what I was looking to create, transmit and be able to work with me in a way that is multidimensional.

From the first call, her bright and engaging nature drew me in and I knew that she would make the whole process of creating easeful and be able to feel and help me to transmit the energy behind the words, photos and website that would feel honest and true to me.

I loved her process of taking me on a shamanic journey to get clearer about what was in my way still emotionally and energetically and the journey was powerful and healing. It helped me to release an old belief and imprint from a very early age. The soul brand drawing that she made for me was amazing and helped to draw out colours and expressions, symbols, held energy and so much more. The copywriting calls helped me to get clear about words I wanted to use. Every call was extremely helpful and fun.

I highly recommend Whitney's services to anyone looking for branding and a website that is not only stunning, unique and authentic but will also be transmitting aligned energies and resonance. I love Whitney’s unique multi-dimensional process as the soul brand shaman.

"Sometimes looking TOO pretty actually reduces conversion!"

~Denise Duffield-Thomas, the mindset-mentor

She spent $1000's on pretty graphics and said her conversion rate went down 75%!!

Branding is a HUGE part of your business & soul's EXPRESSION.

A picture speaks a 1000 words. Good branding tell A lot about someone's DEDICATION to their service and impact. It's not about 'PRETTY', because any designer can do pretty.

More  the reason the importance of branding that speaks your vibe and convey WHO you are. 

your soul clients will "ENERGETICALLY" be attracted to you when branding is a matched in energy, vibration, and frequency to you.

Antonina Andreeva Founder of Haus of Aphrodite

Whitney helped me nail my brand promise within the space of a session


Loved my session with Whitney the other day where we looked at my Energy Drawing and how to work it into my branding.

Within the space of a session, Whitney helped me nail my brand promise ( something I been figuring out for the last two years) and effortlessly weaved it in with my Energy report. So not only can I now answer what my brand promise is, what my brand stands for and what I deliver on but also, communicate those qualities straight from the Soul to that of my clients.

Instantaneous CLARITY. And Soul Integrity. Just like that...BAM

I highly recommend Whitney and her work if you are ready to take your Branding to the NEXT LEVEL.

...What I love about Whitney is her humour and she doesn't beat around the bush, she's straight to the point.

Sanae Floyd
Business Breakthrough Coach & Sales Mentor

If we've not met...

I'm Whitney Mullings, a Soul Brand Shaman. I spark your soul's fire for passion and purpose, unlock your divine magnetism in the vibration of who you are as a brand. I help you find deep compassion for yourself in speaking your voice unfiltered and unedited.  Come back to yourself in full trust as you say lovingly "I'm unique, this is me".

Whitney Mullings

Vibrational Matched Branding

An 8 week journey to branding matching the vibrations of your soul, and who you are. Authentic branding with poise, so your soul clients will energetically be drawn to you.


Soul Drawing & Shamanic Journeying

A pure read of your energy into an intuit drawing.

We dive into your soul purpose, soul gifts, chakras and auric field for insights to your expansion in consciousness. Shamanic journeying for healing and uplifting your frequency and vibrations.

This is available for booking separately, click below on 'Learn More'.

Learn More
Creative Director

You hold the role of Creative Director of your brand identity design and are involved in every step of the process. 

I lead your energy for us to journey together and channel your branding. 

2x 60min. 1:1 sessions to review creative process, drafts, edits, and final confirmation

Cohesive Consistent Branding

Fully cohesive branding to cover every single of your soul client touch points.

Custom design script logo

Brand board & guide

5x Custom Designed Website Banners

3x Custom Designed Social Media Buttons

Email newsletter banner

3x Social Media Banners

3x FB Photo Post Template

1x Custom Designed PDF Workbook Template

Total Investment

$3,497 or $1,340 x 3 USD


You're ready to get rocking with branding vibe that is YOU, real, and magnetic.

And the nitty gritty (or technical) isn't your forte!

You much rather have someone who understands your brand & cares about the details (big & small) of your branding for a flawless execution.

Or you may just simply wonder "now what" with a full on designed vibrational matched branding?

This Add-On option is for you, especially customization or personalization is important to you. Because tailoring on your website is all in the details.

Done-For-You Website Add-On

5x main webpages; home, about, work with me, blog, contact

2x legal webpages; privacy policy, terms of use

3x custom designed CTA buttons; learn more, buy now, join now, etc.

Total Investment

$999 or $397 x 3 USD

I started implementing her suggestions in my ad copy. I made an INSTANT SALE within a few minutes!!!


Whitney is one of those magical people you just should have on speed dial for any time you need advice. She's soooo full of intuitive wisdom, in both life and business! Her amazing questions led me to the heart of my brand messaging. Immediately after I hung up the phone with her, I started implementing her suggestions in my ad copy. I made an INSTANT SALE within a few minutes!!! She's a definite superstar, and is a must-have on your business team!!

When we’re done,

You'd have a TAILORED BRANDING including what you need specifically.

Branding that is 'REAL' AUTHENTIC to who you are, and aligned to your soul.

Because it is created from a good UNDERSTANDING of your brand, both look and feel.

Branding is equally as EMOTIONAL as it is physical

Your business will be perfectly polished, with:

  • BRAND ALIGNMENT, 2-hour deep-dive session to align your soul brand, message, and your soul client
  • SOUL BRAND ENERGY DRAWING, a pure read of your energy, soul purpose, and soul gifts
  • COHESIVE & CONSISTENT BRANDING, vital to have a cohesive presentation of your brand in all your client touch points, to getting "hell yes" before your clarity call

When I had my session with Whitney, I was in a total energetic funk. I had just had something seriously destabilizing and emotionally upsetting happen a few days before that left me feeling “off” and my stomach in knots. Not the best space to be in when working with someone new.

We did a branding read and energy drawing combination. Whitney does an energy read using color and I had no idea what expect. I felt immediately at ease working with Whitney. Her energy is spunky and upbeat, yet soothing. Working with color totally puts your mind into a different space and it was so easy to get out of my head and receive her words and impressions.

Whitney’s assessment was right on the money. Seriously, it was spot on. She immediately picked up on me being upset. She was able to see through the energetic mess that I was experiencing in the moment and see the core of who I am. The read on my energy totally reflected my personality. She pointed out my strengths to call on, and gave me practical tips for bringing unbalanced areas back into balance. We went through the drawing she made of me, what it all meant. We talked about the energy of my brand, how that fit into my own energy. At the end of the session she worked with the knotted energy in my stomach, and I immediately felt the agitation ease, and a feeling of calm come in. Then not even 5 minutes after our call, I received a phone call offering me a salaried job that I didn’t even apply for!!! And I was able to RECEIVE it. Talk about an immediate shift!

Working with Whitney is an absolute joy. Looking at yourself and your brand through color is playful, yet powerful. It is an awesome way to see and shift energy for yourself and your business!

Amy Bellart Founder of Amita Saundarya

Are you ready to stand out, be recognized, and make an impact doing something you love?

Let’s build a BRAND & BUSINESS you’ll be proud of. And that you are able to CONFIDENTLY EMBODY so you become wildly magnetic to your soul clients.

I’m here to help you FULLY STEP into your calling with a polished, professional image, so you can build the business and life you’re dreaming of.

You DESERVE a hard-working, purpose-oriented brand.

It’s TIME you stood out from the rest.

Let’s do this xx

Whitney Initial

She challenges you to dig deep and focus on the things that are most important to moving your business forward.

Whitney is purely magical she has an intuitive way to pull forth the words and thoughts that help define who your soul client is. She challenges you to dig deep and focus on the things that are most important to moving your business forward. I've known Whitney for over 8 years and to see her grow into this space of spiritual branding is so exciting! Thank you, Whit for your beautiful light and energy xo.

Tara Kinden Founder & CEO of WorthCamp

Thank you so much Whitney for the amazing energy drawing and Energetic Brand Alignment Session!! Everything you picked up in the energy drawing was spot on and helped bring awareness to the most important things for me to know and focus on. That mixed with your guidance through the session was perfect. You truly are a soul brand THERAPIST! It was so great having someone listen to your story and help you understand how it fits into your brand and business. You gave me so many great tips and advice, and I am so grateful! You are so much fun to work with. Thank you Whitney!!

Cristina Aroche Angelic Healer

Whitney gave me a one-hour session and energy drawing, and it has SO much meaning!! Everything she said about me was spot on and it caused me to realize a whirl of a-ha moments as the day went by. She also manages to infuse her sessions with some coaching, which is amazing. What a big heart! And I love her energy to bits. Thank you!!

Whitney is an absolute pleasure to work with - she is knowledgeable, warm and engaging and completely focused on getting to 'know you" so that she can create graphics and your brand essence in complete alignment with your values, style and audience.

Whitney walked me through the basics of branding AND marketing so that I would understand how to get the most impact out of my messaging. This was well beyond the brand essence experience I anticipated ... I was able to walk away with a comprehensive strategy to build my brand!

If you are looking for a confident, competent and talented professional, I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Whitney for your Graphic Design needs!

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