The decision that led me to shamanism - Whitney Mullings

The decision that led me to shamanism

I didn’t know what a shaman is or what it has to do with business at all.

Basically what led me to become a shaman was a single decision to work through my own shit. Because only then I can take my clients through the discomfort and holding space for their transformation, up-level, and more money.
I met my mentor the following day, the modern-day shaman from across the world. She spoke straight to my heart and soul, moreover it’s how she held me in her energy. I welcome 2 new soul clients after that call!
What she did that day was an example of the presence I aspire to carry. Someone who changes the world.

This is how the shamanic way rocked my life, biz, and amplified my impact as a soul brand shaman:

  • Power in choosing how you want to feel because who you are in vibration creates resonance.
  • Unlock your divine magnetism by living your truth. Let go of all that you think you can or can’t be, or should do.
  • Deep compassion in choosing yourself, your energy, boundaries, and physical temple to be full of personal power and the divine feminine. It opens your creativity, intuition, and wisdom.
  • Tune-in with your own magic and hear the beats of the universe, harness the rhythm of nature, and be with the flow.
  • Create alchemy from within.
The most empowering lesson of 2020 is being a holder of energy and space is not of giving your energy but rather being full of your own light.
As a result of it, here are some of my clients’ results:
  • made record highest income month in her business
  • found the courage to start her own coaching biz and signed her first client
  • 5 figure organic launch that was led by inspired actions that felt easy and effortless
  • started making decisions with herself as a priority and empowered to say ‘no’

The shaman I am is one who leads your energy to experience yourself.

I hold powerful space to supporting your shifts in vibration matching your true essence. Unlock your divine magnetism in ways of working in energy, magic, and prompts to your messaging, branding and presence that draws-in your tribe.
It’s a process that serves you over and over at each level of expansion.
Are you ready to spark your soul’s fire on passion and purpose as a brand?

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