The consciousness of a soulful brand raise the vibration of the collective

The consciousness of a soulful brand raise the vibration of the collective

April 20, 2018
As you raise the vibration of your soulful brand, you raise the consciousness as a whole.
This is why successful leaders are able to achieve the level of success they do with their soulful brands. Because they make self-mastery their business. This is the core of soul branding as the foundation for the success of your business.

You are born whole, conscious, connected, and perfect.

Then you take on all the stuff you need to work through into adulthood by the age of 7. For me, all the stuff boils down to lack of self-compassion; always beating myself up for not doing better, or be further ahead. So much so it becomes your life journey which never ends. In my experience, I either go into self-doubt and second-guessing my capabilities or go into self-sabotage every time I up-level.  I’m not sure if I’ll work through all the stuff by the time I leave this earth, but that is at least the goal. The goal of being in my wholeness again, and ascension of my consciousness. Just the same as I was born into this world.

And the stuff you work on in this life form is taken from the collective on the planet.

I’ll give you an example; being a mom is hard to gauge when to fight the standard my children are being measured against. My doctor tells me my son ‘should’ be able to do x,y,z by age x. Naturally, my family chimes in with what was expected of them growing up and translates to what I should be doing with my kids! Then society or the collective suggests a status quo you are being measured against. Often emotionally leading you to believe you are not good enough, and our children to feeling the lack.
I am still learning as a mother in how best to see myself as a whole and be loving to who I am. Because this is the resolve to see our children as themselves and just love them as they are. As you work toward your own mastery, you are raising the consciousness of your children and of the universe.

A soulful brand is built upon the stuff you need to learn most.

You can only teach on what you’ve worked through in your experiences. Especially when you are a coach or transformational leader in facilitating change in others.
Soul branding is an inside job. Your stories are not only powerful, they are also gateways to places you may not have gone. As we build your soul brand, it’s also a journey of deep transformations within you. No one will ever know you more than yourself, but these blind spots of yours can be spotted by a Shaman looking into your energy.
As a soul brand therapist and Shaman, I love to connect you with your own stories soulfully. And facilitate releasing disillusions of love for yourself, self-worth, and taking a journey into your energy to regain your personal power. Let’s talk if you’re ready to fully commit to your own transformation and fully embody your uniqueness and build a soulful brand.

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