Soul Brand Energy Drawing & Alignment

A Pure Read of Your Soul Brand Energy, To Determine Your Soul Purpose, Gifts, Aura, and So Much More. . .

Alignment Up Lifts Your Soul Brand Energetics. Become So Attractive To Draw In Your Soul Clients.

Does Your Brand Convey the Energy of Your Message to Your Soul Clients?

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?"

~ Marianne Williamson

This session is for you as you have been evolving on path so rapidly, and it's TIME TO REALIGN to your light & soul brand.

You are noticing the dip in your business, it's because of your GROWING & SHIFTING.

Maybe you just need a refresher on the FOUNDATION of your soul brand to recognize the shifts in your soul clients too.

Being aware of your own energetics, a place from which to building your brand FORWARD!

Soul Brand Energy Drawing + 90min. Brand Alignment Intensive

$397 USD

Sarah Negus The Modern Day Shaman


Whitney completed an energy drawing for me. It was fantastic. I don't let anybody connect with my energy, but Whitney was honest, kind and funny. She is so connected that I dreamt of her as she did the drawing (I am based in the UK so we have a time difference). In my dream, I saw her designing my drawing! Not only that, everything on the drawing resonated with me. I loved the experience, If you are curious about your own energy, book Whitney for an energy drawing, it will be such fun and give you a massive insight into yourself.

Your Energy Is A Beautiful Gateway To Realize Your Light & Power, And Bring Possibilities Into Your Consciousness.

Energy is not masked, nor does it lie. The PURITY of insight that come forth is unmatched.

In my experience, you're scared to OWNING your impact because you don't want to be judged.

But once your light & power is in your AWARENESS, it is then easier to step into owning it. You then become so magnetic to your soul clients.



Whitney completed an energy drawing that simply blew me away. The drawing both beautifully reflected things that I already knew and also gave me amazing insight into areas that I wasn't as clear on. Seeing the depiction of my energy in Whitney’s drawing felt like remembering long forgotten truths. It still brings me such joy to look at it every day. Thank you, Whitney, for such a beautiful depiction of your intuitive gifts.

You ARE Your Own Brand.

Your business is a vehicle to carry out your soul purpose. You do it because it FULFILS you. It is very much a part of you, who you are, and what you value wholeheartedly.

Telling of your soul purpose & gifts from your energy brings so much CONFIRMATION or REMEMBRANCE on what you already know.

It's a way to support you in CLAIMING your uniqueness, and OWNING the essence of YOU. So you can finally embody your brand with unwavering CONFIDENCE.

Soul Brand Energy Drawing + 90min. Brand Alignment Intensive

$397 USD



Whitney gave me a one-hour session and energy drawing, and it has SO much meaning!! Everything she said about me was spot on and it caused me to realize a whirl of a-ha moments as the day went by. She also manages to infuse her sessions with some coaching, which is amazing. What a big heart! And I love her energy to bits. Thank you!!

When we're done,

You would have a digital Energy Drawing infused with healing. It UPLIFTS your frequency, your soul brand energetics.

Brand ALIGNMENT to your soul brand, soul clients, and your gifts & uniqueness.

Plus INSIGHTS on the type of influence your brand has on this world, and where you are going in the world.

...don't take that lightly! She IS the Brand Therapist...

Ashley Danielle , Master Energy Healer, Psychic Business Coach

Colours speaks emotions and conveys personalities.

Because each colour carries its own frequency, and it's nestled different insights.

No wonder each of our chakra has different colour associated with it. And they each give us so much information leading to what our hearts really desire.

It's information so vest your mind is constantly just catching up to.

Soul brand energy drawing is a gateway to your light, power, and manifest your dreams into your consciousness & reality. You can easily call in your soul clients, or that 5, 6, 7 fig. income NOW.

Let's do this xx

Soul Brand Energy Drawing + 90min. Brand Alignment Intensive

$397 USD

Devi Ash Labour & Delivery Nurse


Whitney provided 2 energetic experiences in which she artfully created using her energy and intuitive gifts to produce a masterpiece and insightful soul brand story.

I was speechless how these energy drawings reflected my current state. The information she shared was honest, pure and accurate and find it so intriguing she's able to capture energy artfully. She took her time going through the drawings in depth as well as providing great awareness/understanding to continue my spiritual journey.

If you are looking for an amazing & deep insight about yourself, I highly recommend Whitney's energy drawings. She takes you on an energetic journey worth taking for YOU. It's such a wonderful and powerful experience each time leaving me filled with joy, inspiration and preparing me to take on the universe.


Soul Brand Energy Drawing AM
Soul Brand Energy Drawing SN
Soul Brand Energy Drawing TT

Soul Brand Energy Drawing &

A snap shot of your soul brand energy. A telling of your soul purpose & gift, also where your energy is out of alignment.

If we've not met. . .

I'm Whitney Mullings, a Soul Brand Shaman. I work with coaches, transformational leaders to align their soul brand and draw in their soul clients unconsciously. I spark your fire and passion from being clear of your soul purpose, pull your message from your heart, and create a brand matching your vibration in language of colour. All of this is the easy part, it fuels me to support your confidence in claiming your power. So you can embody your own brand, stand out head and shoulder above the rest as you are authentically.

Soul Brand Energy Drawing JA
Soul Brand Energy Drawing AH
Soul Brand Energy Drawing Hoda
Sanae Floyd Business Breakthrough Coach & Sales Mentor


Oh my goodness! I've just had the most amazing energy drawing session with Whitney! Through her insightful questioning we were able to pin-point together exactly what was blocking my energy and what I needed to do to clear it. She affirmed the direction that I'm wanting to go in and that fills me with confidence. What I love about Whitney is her humour and she doesn't beat around the bush, she's straight to the point. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling something is "off" or blocked in their progress and they can't put their finger on what it is. She really is brilliant!

Odessa Thornhill RNP, ND, Founder of Cultivate Your Own Wellness


Whitney spends time with her clients. Really taking each moment to understand their needs and clarify the journey that is unique to each one of us. I very much enjoyed our intensive.
Thank you for your work!!

Stacy Spain Stacy Spain Law PLC


Whitney is so much fun to work with! She did an energy drawing for me and gave me all the information about the colors and the shapes and all of her intuitive hits. And it was spot on and then we related it to my business, my ideal client and even my brand story and she filled in gaps that I've been trying to fill in for myself for months. Highly recommend her work!!!!

Whitney tapped into so many aspects of my energy and shared that through my main Soul Colour she could tell I'm a Joy Walker, here to spread Joy. My fairly dominant secondary Soul colour is all about Love, and I'm here as a healer, healing aspects of Love and Passion and that I'm meant to have a much bigger reach than I currently am....through writing, speaking, and teaching! All of this...and much more that Whitney so elegantly brought forward and shared is very aligned with my vision of my life and work going forward!

One of the other wonderful aspects of my time with Whitney is that she was able to translate all the information into ways to powerfully express my Soul Brand!

Whitney is truly Magical and I loved our session! I would highly recommend doing Soul Brand work with her. I gained so much insight and got so many confirmations around my vision of where I'm going, and how to Soulfully express this to the world!

She even picked up my "Nomad" energy which I am in the process of stepping more fully into and having a location independent business.

Thank You again so much for our time together Whitney

Alicia Kent Love Alchemist

Soul Brand Energy Drawing + 90min. Brand Alignment Intensive

$397 USD

Soul Brand Energy KG
Soul Brand Energy Drawing CW
Soul Brand Energy Drawing KR

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