Shift your energy to expand and up-level your soul brand

Shift your energy to expand and up-level your soul brand

During a shift of your energy can often lead to questioning your soul brand message. “What are you here to do?” I know you want to move through it with grace, and here are 5 steps to help you process the shift cycle painlessly, and fast to elevate your soul brand!

Because the other side of a shift is an expansion of your perception and brings you closer to transforming your reality. And expand the embodiment of your own soul brand to attract your soul clients unconsciously.

A shift is worth millions, billions, and beyond. It’s progression taking you to become the best version of yourself. It’s progression to your dreams in business or career or building your legacy and imprints on this world.

Transformations don’t happen overnight.

I bet you won’t be ready to be coached by Warren Buffet in your first year of business even if he offers it for free. Because it’s all about resonance for you to absorb what you need now to your next level. Warren Buffet in this example wasn’t turned into billionaire status overnight or just based on one decision, or a single commitment. It’s all done through many shifts to your next level and the next.

As you know the value of working one to one is all about the transformation, and to your next level. Results you want in money and wealth follows the deep work you do on yourself, and when you guide others through their journey and life path.

I’m going to share with you behind the scenes of how I have managed through my shift and everything that goes along with it.

First off, what’s a shift?

I’d define it as the period of finding new grounds at each and every growth and expansion. And it may not be what you think it is, as it’s purely energetic. So what I am to share is purely from the emotional roller-coaster aspect of a shift.

FIRST: You need to first start with recognizing the change in your energy. Signs of a shift in your soul brand.

Any changes in your energy are noticeable in the change in your mood or emotions. But I have to admit, I went on unaware for over 30 years of life. I’d equate this to anything else either you know it or you don’t. It’s not as common as you think.

  • You may feel unmotivated, sluggish, blah, and just couldn’t bring yourself to doing everything you’ve loved doing
  • Scattered. You can’t focus on a single thought from start to finish. Your thoughts are literally running wild to the point of feeling foggy, even frustrated.
  • Level of patience has dropped even further into the negative, especially just as you think that’s impossible. Hello to agitation, crankiness, and anger projection to your closest loved ones.

SECOND: Be so kind to yourself, and lots of self-care. However, a fine line to self-sabotaging.

This is the downfall of many in upkeeping with momentum even when all is good and in the flow. As an example, my form of self-sabotage comes in as distractions, pettiness, and avoidance.

Everything around you is energy, so take signs of what’s going on. I can tell you I’ve had a vacuum not powering up, air conditioning and garage door breakdown, bathroom water leak,  and not to mention my sweet boys turned monsters. Oh, and I broke a toe.

You may think you’re a lot stronger than being distracted by things. It’s easy to knock down your energy in an 85-degree house trying to break up toddlers fights over toys. And in the midst of drywall dust everywhere.

Recognizing the signs of self-sabotage is a learned muscle. It’s easy to become aware of the signs. The worst is being emotional because energetically you’re a mess. For me, I can barely upkeep as a mom to 2x toddlers. So I focus on me while coping with their emotional needs, and spend the rest of my energy to focus on my current clients. I’ve not gotten a chance to do any marketing to gain new clients or birthing new offers. Or I was just too distracted!

THIRD: Decide you want to let go of anything not serving you.

So you make room to welcome more of what you want. The shift, and energetically knockdown is the experience of your stagnant energy ready for you to face head-on. So you can transmute energetically. Journalling to let it flow out in words so you can understand in your mind possible root cause to why you feel crap.

FOURTH: Lean on your support system.

You have blind spots. Everyone does. You need to know this before you become the mentor to your soul clients and help with their transformations. Mentors provide different perspectives and pinpoint your subconscious having gone through your experience. It’s a bonus when your mentor is a master in energy and clears your chakras to help you feel grounded again.

FIFTH: Your ability to embody the vastness of your energy and impact.

In my experience, I shy away from owning all of my power at each and every uplevel. “Me? No, I can’t do that…” If this sounds familiar, then you know how scary it feels to own your capabilities. But at the same time, you’ve always known you are meant to do great things. When the energy starts to shift, it’s a sure sign you are ready for your next level of impact or enrich the depth-ness of your work and influence on others. There’s much power to a shift, so don’t forget to celebrate as you come through the thick of it onto the other side.