“Let Go, Make Room”, you’ve heard this before in all self-development books and training. Decluttering your space, so to clear your mind for more clarity and creativity to achieve your goals. Similar to your energetic personal brand, it’s also letting go of the energies from everything that no longer serves you to keep your energetic personal brand in high vibration.

On a side note, does this ever happen to you when you experience a deeper understanding of the same lesson you had learned years ago and just blows your mind?

Energy Shift Your Personal Brand to 7 Figures

One of my beautiful mentors has gifted me this exact lesson years ago. She’s a best selling author and wealth expert who has created a 7 figure biz and achieved financial freedom for herself and her family. (Join her “Beautiful Money” Community) I asked for her advice on how best to close the gap of where you are to your desires, and manifesting on a timeline. She said…

“Your desires will manifest. It’s just a matter of sooner, or you can leave it up to the universe to bring to you some time in the future. So when you have a choice to make it happen sooner, then why wouldn’t you? When you decide you want to manifest intentionally and quicker, you need to know that the universe likes speed. This also explains when you are inspired to doing something, it’s a queue for you to act NOW.”

Quick Boost to Your Personal Brand Energy

So why are some people able to manifest quicker than others if everyone act on their inspirations? It comes down to what you are holding onto and weight down your speed. The lighter you travel, the faster you will get there. The movie “Pearl Harbour” came on TV as I’m pondering this gold nugget. In WWII, the U.S. was in retaliation and planning to fly their planes under the radar of the Japanese. They needed to fly below a certain height to get under their radar, and need just enough fuel for the distance and speed to get to their bombing destination. They took out every part of the plane they can including windshields to reduce weight.

Where can you shed weight to fly light, and to vibrate higher in your brand energy? Aside from decluttering energy of things in your environment? Here are some examples…

Recognize The Evidence

I’ve been seeing 12:34 every time I checked the clock before this meeting. I’ve gotten the message where this means to simplify my life. When Leanne had shared her wisdom with me, I literally got chills. This is the type of light Leanne is to me, and to everyone she interacts with.

What came to light for me in this experience is that I’ve been working on an old belief I have that I need to work really hard to make money. This belief frankly has made my life a hell. Burn out, and the constant sacrifice I thought I needed to make to trade for success. As a stay at home mom of 2 tots, a new family of 4, the juggle of trying to be a good mom, wife, friend, biz owner, and more importantly good to myself. To say the least, it was dragging me down.

So here’s the magic behind all this. You can simply let it go. And just like that, poof! On the other side of this old belief in that I have to work really hard for money, it’s that I am too hard on myself.

Leanne gifted this to me, also shared that this is what has gotten her to 6 figures and breaking 7… “I am great enough” sticky this everywhere. Lastly, if you want to become that go-to-expert that everyone loves. You can simply boost your brand energy by letting go of the old limiting belief of “no one ever listens to me” to “I am great enough” and “I love myself enough to let my gifts and uniqueness to shine through”.

I believe in you. And when you believe in yourself, consequently your soul clients will believe in themselves too.

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