Soul Brand Enrichment

Become Vibrational Matched to Your Vision as a Brand

Diving deep into your brand energetics ...

Soul Drawing

A snap shot of your energy shown through your custom Soul Drawing

A full scan of your chakras for root cause of imbalance

Looking into your aura for alignment with your soul in self-love

Insights to what your energy is ready to receive now

A review of your soul gifts, potential, and power of impact 

Infused with healing using language of colour frequency

DNA Restructure (12 Strand)

An intuitive investigation of galactic seals and shadows you inherited from birth

It's energetically imprinted which requires removal energetically

They are designed to suppress your ability to higher frequency, raise of your vibration, and to keep you unconscious

Removal of these seals, discords, and breaks unleash your ability to self-love, open your psychic abilities, release any energetic parasites and stressors which  can lead to degenerative diseases.

Brings ancestral healing, abundance upgrade, and much more 

Shamanic Journeying

A way to experience your own energy

I lead you to different dimensions and channel what your energy is ready to show you

This is also the magic ride to permanently keep your DNA clear of those galactic seals

It's experiential of soul connected emotions allow for rewiring of your neuropathways 

Expansion of your consciousness, energy, and align with possibilities

Whitney gave me a one-hour session and energy drawing, and it has SO much meaning!! Everything she said about me was spot on and it caused me to realize a whirl of a-ha moments as the day went by. She also manages to infuse her sessions with some coaching, which is amazing. What a big heart! And I love her energy to bits. Thank you!!

This intensive is for you who understands

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.

The Raise of Your Magnetism

is uplift of your frequency and become vibrational matched of your desires.

A honest look into your energy, aura, and with powerful shamanic journeying to recalibrate to your expansion.

In energy, in being, in a place of deeply connected with your own soul to take ownership of your personal power.

A level of confidence you can't deny but step further into your potential. 

Make room for clarity, creativity, and open to new level of joy in your work.

There, we pull your message from the heart, one that ripples out your brand energetics.

Your brand is felt before it's understood.

My clients often experience . . . 

* New level of creativity

* Biggest income month

* Signing new soul clients

* Found money in accounts they've forgotten

* Over due money paid back

* Even have had non-paying tenants moving out

Soul Drawing + DNA Restructure + Shamanic Journeying

Includes your custom soul drawing followed by a 2 hours intensive

$777 USD

Does Your Brand Convey the Energy of Your Message to Your Soul Clients?

The Energy of Unwavering Confidence

The know, like, trust factor of a brand is a vibe. 

For your brand to convey the level of confidence and authority to command trust of others, requires . . . 

Know yourself well.

Awaken to what's yours and what you've taken on from others; 

What's your definition of success?

Do you measure your level of success with others?

Do you often think you should be further ahead by now?

Is your value and level of success tied to the amount of money you make?

Stop doing things you thought you needed to do because of others' definition of success.

You are free when you chose to do only what brings you joy. 

Compassion for yourself

The need to do better, be better, get better has always just been a conditioning you've taken on.

In the scenario where you feel less than, not good enough, need to do more is because you live under an invisible comparison to expectations of others. 

Stop beating yourself up and celebrate YOU; who you are, your presence, achievements, impact, and love.

Then you will stand in the value of YOU.

Strong trust in self

You are powerful, but your self-doubts are stronger.

Trust is strengthen when you love yourself and value yourself in being you.

Your power of influence and impact compounds when you trust yourself.

A difference maker to become identified as a premium luxury brand in the marketplace.

Moreover, trust is the energy to uphold healthy boundaries to be respected, valued, appreciated, and a container of powerful transformation.

Sarah Negus The Modern Day Shaman


Whitney completed an energy drawing for me. It was fantastic. I don't let anybody connect with my energy, but Whitney was honest, kind and funny. She is so connected that I dreamt of her as she did the drawing (I am based in the UK so we have a time difference). In my dream, I saw her designing my drawing! Not only that, everything on the drawing resonated with me. I loved the experience, If you are curious about your own energy, book Whitney for an energy drawing, it will be such fun and give you a massive insight into yourself.

You are your brand.

Your energy is what creates resonance with your soul clients.

Your brand is felt before it's understood.

Think of those times you meet someone new, and you already have a sense of his/ her personality before getting to know them.

You in BEING is how others will remember you by.

This Soul Brand Enrichment Intensive is designed to boost your magnetism by recognizing yourself in energy, in soul,  and in being.

Be the authority of your brand. 

A place to bring into expression of high vibrational frequency behind your words.

Soul Drawing + DNA Restructure + Shamanic Journeying

Includes your custom soul drawing followed by a 2 hours intensive

$777 USD

Shana Dunbar Founder of Studio Edun

... gave me the clarity that I needed. I can’t believe how much myself and my business has changed


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going into my session with Whitney, or what I was hoping to get out of it. She was referred through a friend and as soon as I read her website I knew I needed to book. I went in open-minded and received SO much more than I expected. She provided me with directions and answers that I had been searching for for so long and gave me the clarity that I needed. I can’t believe how much myself and my business has changed after just one session.

I’ve started attracting my ideal client, I’ve been booked solid and money has been flowing into my life. I would highly recommend Whitney to anyone who feels like they are on the right track but there’s something missing and they can’t quite put their finger on what it is. I feel so good about finally having the missing puzzle piece to make everything fall into place. I will definitely be working with Whitney again.

Soul Brand Energy Drawing AM
Soul Brand Energy Drawing SN
Soul Brand Energy Drawing TT

Soul Brand Enrichment

An intensive to dive deep into your energetics and raise your vibe.

Then express your expanded self in your brand message to "ground" and manifest your biz and income goals.

I was able to gain clarity and focus on my brand, who I wanted to serve and how to position myself.


I was able to gain clarity and focus on my brand, who I wanted to serve and how to position myself. The positioning exercise was so key and such a game-changer for me. As a strategist I help my clients with positioning in such a different way; thinking about positioning from a branding perspective was new and refreshing. I really appreciated the time went into learning my background and my story to help me to build my brand so that it was authentic to who I am at the core. I recommend Whitney to other entrepreneurs, especially creatives, who need a different perspective yet get it.

Soul Brand Energy Drawing JA
Soul Brand Energy Drawing AH
Soul Brand Energy Drawing Hoda

If we've not met. . .

I'm Whitney Mullings, a Soul Brand Shaman.

I use ancient shamanic techniques to show you how to pull your message from the heart, align your brand with purpose, and create a brand essence matching your vibration.

I love giving entrepreneurs the tools to stand out in a crowded marketplace while effortlessly standing in their value.

Whitney tapped into so many aspects of my energy and shared that through my main Soul Colour she could tell I'm a Joy Walker, here to spread Joy. My fairly dominant secondary Soul colour is all about Love, and I'm here as a healer, healing aspects of Love and Passion and that I'm meant to have a much bigger reach than I currently am....through writing, speaking, and teaching! All of this...and much more that Whitney so elegantly brought forward and shared is very aligned with my vision of my life and work going forward!

One of the other wonderful aspects of my time with Whitney is that she was able to translate all the information into ways to powerfully express my Soul Brand!

Whitney is truly Magical and I loved our session! I would highly recommend doing Soul Brand work with her. I gained so much insight and got so many confirmations around my vision of where I'm going, and how to Soulfully express this to the world!

She even picked up my "Nomad" energy which I am in the process of stepping more fully into and having a location independent business.

Thank You again so much for our time together Whitney

Alicia Kent Love Alchemist

Embrace the beauty and love you are, and shine effortlessly

Be so magnetic you draw-in soul clients, opportunities, and joy

Soul Drawing + DNA Restructure + Shamanic Journeying

Includes your custom soul drawing followed by a 2 hours intensive

$777 USD

Sanae Floyd Business Breakthrough Coach & Sales Mentor


Oh my goodness! I've just had the most amazing energy drawing session with Whitney! Through her insightful questioning we were able to pin-point together exactly what was blocking my energy and what I needed to do to clear it. She affirmed the direction that I'm wanting to go in and that fills me with confidence. What I love about Whitney is her humour and she doesn't beat around the bush, she's straight to the point. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling something is "off" or blocked in their progress and they can't put their finger on what it is. She really is brilliant!

Odessa Thornhill RNP, ND, Founder of Cultivate Your Own Wellness


Whitney spends time with her clients. Really taking each moment to understand their needs and clarify the journey that is unique to each one of us. I very much enjoyed our intensive.
Thank you for your work!!

Stacy Spain Stacy Spain Law PLC


Whitney is so much fun to work with! She did an energy drawing for me and gave me all the information about the colors and the shapes and all of her intuitive hits. And it was spot on and then we related it to my business, my ideal client and even my brand story and she filled in gaps that I've been trying to fill in for myself for months. Highly recommend her work!!!!

Soul Brand Energy KG
Soul Brand Energy Drawing CW
Soul Brand Energy Drawing KR

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