Activate Your Magnetic Core of Personal Power. 
The Vibration of Divine Magnetism.
Creates Alchemy from Within.

When you have a strong sense of self, your soul brand speaks value.

Certainly, it pays to be authentic because resonance is created when you speak from your soul unfiltered.

  • Exude quiet confidence that attracts soul clients to you
  • Speak with conviction promoting effectiveness in your work
  • A  stand-out brand of distinction with an irresistible position that's uniquely yours

And now comes the best part, it's not all about what you say in your content.

It's about what's felt in between the lines, in the energy of you and your words.

Let's look at some successful brands ...

Goop, Spanx, Oprah, etc.

They are in tune with the emotions of their audience and clear of their intentions.

Women lifting women promoting well-being in spirituality and worthiness.

That's just the nature of humans,

where we connect through emotions, which are expressions of energy.

It's time to fizzle out the clouds of ...

Self-doubts & Distrust 

in your own capabilities and potential, or living in the fear of judgement of being not good enough. People can sense them behind your visuals, words, and presence.

Denice shares her experience of releasing self-doubts, strengthening her confidence to career promotion, and improved well-being in high demand environment with a team over 1000 ...

You have a huge desire to help others find themselves.

But end up feeling you want it more than themselves.

Living and breathing self-development.

But no one seems to care you're the real deal.

Caring so much about others' results.

Yet, deep down you want those big results for yourself too!

The key to all that you want for yourself ...

... while helping others is to bet on yourself first and create those epic results for yourself first. 

It's no secret that everything starts from within.

"How ?" 

How is what you're after.

This is why SELF-CENTRIC is created!

A 12-week program to activate your magnetic core of personal power.

The vibration of Divine Magnetism.

Creates alchemy from within.

Give the world permission to be themselves by living your truth.

You become a breath of fresh air

once you let go of what you think you can or can't do or should do.

Creating at your own rhythm, moving to your own beats,

expressing your soul with the flow of the universe.

The vibration of you

draws in soul clients and opportunities propelling you to your next level of impact and income.

Where your presence ripples and tugs at the hearts of those wanting the same.

They are the ones who will come and are open to calibrate to your energy.

Shana Dunbar Founder of Studio Edun

... gave me the clarity that I needed. I can’t believe how much myself and my business has changed


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going into my session with Whitney, or what I was hoping to get out of it. She was referred through a friend and as soon as I read her website I knew I needed to book. I went in open-minded and received SO much more than I expected. She provided me with directions and answers that I had been searching for for so long and gave me the clarity that I needed. I can’t believe how much myself and my business has changed after just one session.

I’ve started attracting my ideal client, I’ve been booked solid and money has been flowing into my life. I would highly recommend Whitney to anyone who feels like they are on the right track but there’s something missing and they can’t quite put their finger on what it is. I feel so good about finally having the missing puzzle piece to make everything fall into place. I will definitely be working with Whitney again.

The spiritual goal of Self-Centric

is to support you to come back to yourself in an expression unfiltered and unedited,

in full trust as you say lovingly "I'm unique, this is me".  

A stance in self-understanding, self-respect, and self-responsibility to nurture your undeniable attraction as you are.

Because self-centricity brings . . .
  • powerful decision making respectful of both your energetic and physical boundaries
  • personal power from a place of trust, success, and abundance
  • quality of power as it is earned through the process of living, expanding, and integrating

The intention of Self-Centric

is to support your creativity, expressions, and attraction of soul clients and possibilities.

The goal is to create from the magic of your divine feminine and action in your divine masculine.

  • light your soul on fire propelling you forward with aligned actions
  • speaking your spiritual intellect where your words become vibrational
  • exudes a new level of confidence and attract new soul clients, opportunities, and etc.
  • creativity and birthing them to your own rhythm aligning with the beats of the universe

When your spiritual-self is expressed,

you become magnetic.

Decide to step up and own your sacredness, personal power, and live in pleasure which is your purpose. You raise our level of consciousness by the process of living, expanding, manifesting all the life experiences in joy, love, and riches.

Because when you do, your soul lights the path for others to do the same for themselves.

lead with your soul & purpose as your brand.

  • Exude confidence from within
  • Emmitt own unique frequency which creates resonance
  • Enthrals your soul clients in your personal power
  • Engage your own intuition, wisdom, and inner-knowing of your next steps
  • Be the light that empowers others to fill themselves up with their own light

Self-Centric is a unique program with The Power of 3x.

Each person in the group is a unique amplifier for the group.

Together in 3x to evoke your power within and accelerate your progress with presence and energy. A union supporting the fullness of your own pillar of light.

This Power of 3 is put together for you ...
  • Ready to cultivate fullness of you and finally arrive at being good enough
  • Embody your sacredness and not just the surface level understanding
  • Open to receiving support from masterminds of magical beings alike
  • Aren't afraid to dive deeper into the messes of inner work to forge a stronger connection with self, a place to flourish from own truth and power
  • Have a desire to create through the divine source because you understand this is the path of least resistance
  • Are committed to becoming the leader of your own life and business
  • Appreciative of life-long tools to carry you through ongoing expansion and growth as this is the journey of life
  • Who understands the fundamental of success is your energy
  • Looking to live with meaning than things, because you're right, there's more to life than a good resume
Annmarie Molina Founder & Coach at SheHaus

I found myself more confident and self-aware each week and saw a noticeable shift in my energy and how I was articulating my mission and offer to others.


I loved working with Whitney! What a gift. I gained so much clarity on who my soul client is and how to authentically attract more of them to my message and business.

Whitney has been a tremendous resource and guide as I worked to connect more with my soul clients and remove my own personal blocks to show up bigger in my business. Her warm positive style made me feel at ease and open to going deep in my personal development. I found myself more confident and self-aware each week and saw a noticeable shift in my energy and how I was articulating my mission and offer to others. As a spiritual guide, Whitney was also incredibly powerful in helping me better understand and leverage my intuitive gifts with my clients and in my life. her guidance has been invaluable in that space.

You won't benefit from this program if . . .

... you are looking for step-by-step process, or getting answers outside of yourself.

Because the focus is on unravelling your own process.

I am a holder of space, a bridge between dimensions and spirits, a guide of your energy to experience your own power and magic type of shaman.

And what I am passionate about is supporting you through the processing of stuck emotions from trauma, over-powered experiences striped you of your own authority, or other feelings you've cut off from your psyche that's tainting your presence.

If we've not met. . .

I'm Whitney Mullings, a Soul Brand Shaman.

And if these words are resonating with you is because I've experienced "not good enough". Where I find myself in the need to work harder at every expanded level. Exhausted and tired from sabotaging myself.

And it all changed after meeting the modern-day shaman whom I thought is to coach me on business. She did and much more. I signed high-end clients as my energy shifted. And feeling the success I am as a business owner, mother, wife and all the different roles we play.

Since, I've completed the year-long shaman apprenticeship and continuing practice shamanism. Along the way, I added certifications in drawing and interpreting your soul's energy, DNA restructuring, and teachings from the mystery school of womb awakening.

Whitney Mullings
Which all sounds amazing in the intricate working in energy.

And I do love playing in energy.

But what's most important is to bring all that into the physical in the embodiment. And this is where Self-Centric is a program that's different from any other brand-building program.

Let me show you the outline of what you can expect from Self-Centric

The Power of 3x,
a 12-week program.

It's designed to be intimate.

There is the flexibility to be highly personal and customize to your needs in this small group.

Is "Tri-Private" an actual term?

It is definitely applicable here!


Your Purpose: is to fully express your divine feminine. To do that, we'll first reconnect with her through your feminine centres. 

Your Initiation: exactly the bloodshed of experiences that shaped you. We'll work on releasing what's ready to go! And own the edges of you.


Your Transformation: lights your own path. Also a rite of passage to lead your soul clients to their own transformation and path. You'll experience the ancient technique of shamanic journeying and sacred teaching of womb awakening from mystery school as tools.

Your Integration: is the embodiment of your divine feminine in the here and now. It's the key to your effectiveness in holding space for your soul clients into their potential.


Your Creativity: is the magic, insight, downloads from your divine feminine inspired from the consciousness of love. It's your life's work which requires divine masculine support to manifest. Strong boundaries and independent bonds are must to keep with the flow and creating to your own rhythm. 

Your Expression: of your truth unfiltered is divinely magnetic and vibrant. More importantly, it comes through in full trust, with certainty, and poise. 


Your Vibrational Core Message: will be your manifesto aligned with your purpose and speak straight to your soul clients' hearts.

Your Aligned Strategy: from your divine masculine keeping HER safe, and supportive of HER creativity. Your actions then carry the highest of vibrations, detached to results, and committed to impact. It'll be in alignment with the flow of abundance.

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