6 Days to Your

Soulful & Magnetic Personal Brand

Become so magnetic you attract soul clients to you unconsciously.

A comprehensive self-paced course with videos, workbooks, and guided Shamanic Journeys to walk you step-by-step to your brand strategy from the soul.

Understand Your Brand Is
The Single Biggest Asset Of Your Business.

And this biggest asset of your business is purely built on perception alone. 

The perception of others.

More than that how your Soul Brand is perceived mirrors how you perceive yourself, your inner beliefs are highlighted energetically for all to see in the biggest asset of your business.

That’s why I’ve put together a special offer to show you: 

How to hone your Soul Brand promise.

How to position your magnetic Soul Brand.

How to fully embody your own value as a premium luxury brand.

How to call-in your Soul Clients with ease and poise.

Whitney x

Building a profitable business can be easy. 

Building a successful business can be easy.  Let's take a step back, and define easy.

Easy isn't the same as sitting back without actions. Nor is it every action you take to yield the results you hoped for.

Easy is allowing yourself to have fun, make room for inspirations and creativity, also being in harmony with life with different energies of your family, career, clients, circumstances.  Easy in standing in the value of yourself and not getting knocked off by others.

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The Huff Post
The Elephant Journal
YFS Magazine
What makes it uneasy?

Your shadows including self-doubts, second-guessing your power, devaluing your work. 

You may recognize signs including comparing yourself,

afraid you are charging too much and afraid people won't buy,


thinking you should be further along,

feelings of failure,

always pushing yourself,

or simply exhausted. 

Unsure how to turn it around from downward to upward projection.

Courtney Walsh Holistic Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher

"I am now able to better identify who my soul clients are and what their pain points or struggles are so I can better serve them."


Before doing Whitney’s course I was struggling with the clarity of my brand. I have 2 areas that I love to work in, travel and nutrition, and I felt like my message was a bit confusing. Throughout the course, the workbook and questions Whitney asked were able to help me drill down further into what I truly want to offer, and I am now able to better identify who my soul clients are and what their pain points or struggles are so I can better serve them. Whitney has a lot of knowledge about branding and she was able to provide clear examples to help me understand what she was talking about. The course is a great starting point and I know Whitney would be a great 1 on 1 coach and I would love to work with her again in the future.

Sara Schroeder Author

"I was able to get clear on my brand, offers and soul clients!"


I greatly benefited from Whitney's workshop on the positioning! I was able to get clear on my brand, offers and soul clients!

My favourite part was learning who my soul client was! It was like putting pieces of a puzzle together and it FIT! I highly recommend Whitney if you are looking to brand yourself, update or change your brand and for aligning with your soul clients!

What does easy look like? 

Easy is crystal clarity to what is important to you.

Clear in your priorities, and the ability to find joy in every step of your journey to success, impact, and wealth. Easy is also the capacity to recognize your own progress and the understanding of your value in yourself.

It's a vibe when you are in ease.
And your brand is a vibe which attracts.
Your vibe leads the way of showing your soul clients the transformation you can lead them towards. They want to calibrate to the same high frequency you are vibrating at.

"It's helped me refine my voice so that it's in alignment with my values, essence and overall message."


After our intensive, I felt so confident about my story, my passion and how I could genuinely serve the women I serve. I now get that brand is how and what I want people to feel vs. simply a logo and pretty colours. It's helped me refine my voice so that it's in alignment with my values, essence and overall message. What I liked best about Whitney is how at ease she made me feel. I'm a busy mom and always on the go - but being on the phone with her was like therapy! She's so calm, listens profoundly and asks the most thought-provoking questions. I also love how she did all the note-taking and sent them to me. I would HIGHLY recommend Whitney to entrepreneurs who are struggling to figure out how to genuinely speak about their services and how they can help others. If you think that your market is oversaturated and that you're not special - think again. Whitney will totally help you clear all of that! And honestly... if you're just starting your biz... start with her.

The magic in bringing ease to your brand and business is in the alignment with your soul, and regaining personal-power in your energy.  This course includes series of workshops put together to boost your brand energetics.

Become a magnet to your soul clients just as you are, authentically.

How the energy of your brand attracts soul clients

Day 1:  Before you get creative, it's important to get clear

Day 2:  They say "tell them what they want, give them what they need"

Day 3:  What's your energetic hook?

How to position your brand to sign soul clients

Day 4: Importance of Positioning

Day 5: What's your Brand Essence

Day 6: Position Mapping

Total Investment

$222 includes total 6x workshops;
Daily workbooks + videos + Shamanic Journeys

If we've not met...

I'm Whitney Mullings, a Soul Brand Shaman. I spark your soul's fire for passion and purpose, unlock your divine magnetism in the vibration of who you are as a brand. I help you find deep compassion for yourself in speaking your voice unfiltered and unedited.  Come back to yourself in full trust as you say lovingly "I'm unique, this is me".

Whitney Mullings
It is a process to honour your shadows into the gateway of your potentiality

You can learn to go easy on yourself on the process when you find compassion for self.

Honouring yourself in how far you've come, recognize yourself in all the achievements you've accomplished, and sit in the value of who you are.

Then you will dissipate comparing yourself to others or societal standards of "success". Stop living in the shadows of others and conditions imposed on your joy, happiness, being, and fully stepping into owning your magic in who you are. 

Jennifer Avers Non-Profit Specialist

"...my yearnings and business frames were affirmed."


In the midst of rethinking my business proposition and clarifying my purpose, Whitney offered a three-day webinar, complete with workbooks, videos, and a one-to-one phone call. Working with her tools and talking with her, my yearnings and business frames were affirmed.

Gaining clarity to what makes you unique,

your brand energetic hook creates resonance with your audience.

Yesterday I had a energy reading and branding call with Whitney, how fun was this experience!!! So much fun and she was bang on about so many things! Whitney brought many things to my attention that I had heard whispering at me now for some time. If your at a place where you want to look deeper into the heart and soul of your business Whitney is your girl! Branding Goddess plus energy reading! YES! Thanks again, that was so fun and refreshing!

Jennifer MacFarlane The Money Medium
Your business growth is tied to your expansion in consciousness within your soul. 

This is where Soul branding is different. 

The focus of your soul brand is not only built upon your target audiences' needs and wants.  It is, but the magic lies in recognizing the shift in yourself to attract your soul clients in energy.

I use ancient shamanic technique to lead your energy to experience yourself.

Whitney will definitely help you see yourself and your life experiences in a new way. She makes it so very easy to share your story with her and then she pulls together the elements and experiences in her own magical way. You’ll learn to see yourself from different perspectives. With her help you’ll identify ways in which you can position yourself and use your experiences to stand out to your ideal clients. If you’re looking for clarity and support to create an online presence that truly reflect you in your business, you’ll love working with Whitney. She makes the process enjoyable and rewarding. You’ll feel like rock star after working with her! I’d recommend working with Whitney if you are ready to create a brand that feels right and works for you.

Brenda J. King Spiritual Consultant for High-Impact Women
This course is great for you if . . . 

... your message is clear, but it isn't even fully resonating with yourself or it feels something is missing, a zip, zest, jazz...

... you're grateful for all you've achieved and wonder if more is meant for you? As in go even bigger? ... it's a quick F* YES, you are meant to go bigger! Then BIGGER.

... deep craving of a clear and succinct message, and to get over the block of content marketing without being judged or feeling significantly small.

... you've decided to only work with soul clients (who values and appreciates you), and ready to get into action to calling them in

$222 includes total 6-day workshops; 
daily workbook + video + Shamanic Journeys

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