Build Your Brand the Shamanic Way

with Whitney Mullings

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These are the reasons without a doubt building a personal brand is a must.

  1. to position you as a thought leader & influencer, where sharing wisdom is not teaching knowledge
  2. thought leaders are guided by their intuition, definitely not a crowd follower
  3. your business is about transformations, and cultivate self-development
  4. your work is to inspire others to become their aspirations, and along the way to create wealth as a by-product
  5. as selfish as can be, it's your journey to self-mastery and allows room for diversification. After all, who knows what the future holds. Though you won't get off-brand when you're clear of your purpose.
  6. attract your tribe in the vibration of who you are

Truth be told, with or without effort in building one, you're a brand.

It's just so much easier when you focus on doing you, sharing your stories, and elevate others with your experiences.

I'll also add, traditional marketing in heavy research and analysis of your audience and competitors may work for big corporations. I just don't see it necessary for solopreneurs. The approach in looking outside of ourselves is exactly what pulls into comparisons, people-pleasing, and overall into toxic masculine energies.

The challenges of leading your business with your personal brand.

  1. there's nowhere to hide, aka behind a business name
  2. visibility becomes challenging when you feel naked and afraid
  3. judgements are harsh
  4. self-responsibilities (period)
  5. clearing different personas you've been carrying is a trip
  6. authenticity requires facing your fears and doubts head-on

The bottom line is that everything is energy. your brand energetics are felt before it's understood.

Any mismatched vibration in your message, offers, content marketing, any touch points will confuse your audience.

And we all know confused minds don't buy, not into your offers or leadership.

all leads to the question: what is the shamanic way?

Building your personal brand, the shamanic way is creating alchemy from within.

It's seriously all about tapping into your own magic from your soul, higher-self, and inner-wisdom.

And to do that is about living in the dynamic of your divine feminine and masculine energies.

Or simply expressing your spiritual-self.

Because you become divinely magnetic when you do. And I promise it's also very fun.

Join me inside 6 Days to Your Soulful & Magnetic Brand course, I'll lead you on a healing journey where you will experience your own inner wisdom. And compose your vibrational message with your higher self.

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