How to be seen as a leader in your brand position?

How to Brand Position Yourself as a Leader & Change Maker

You want to share your passion, your journey and your mission with the World. And for you to do that, you need to be able to convey in your brand position you are a leader and a change maker.

Breaking it down, it is all in your Brand Position

“Positioning is never an afterthought. It’s an idea that should shape every aspect of your marketing.”Standing strong in your personal power is clear and passionate about your journey, you are now, and what it is that you’ve come to share.

Your personal brand is the one thing that stands out. What makes you unique is your brand position on the World Stage, whatever that stage is; in front of hundreds, thousands, or millions across TV screens? Or connected to all 3.49 billion online users? Your personal brand imprints on billions right now. AND, where your intention and energy goes (your positioning) your reach grows.

Single Key Element to Your Unique Brand Position

To effectively position your unique personal brand; you have to know your worth. That comes from your personal power; be comfortable in your own skin, and authentic when sharing your thoughts. Know your value and be free of the need to seek validation or approval from others. Ability to easily fight off beliefs that limit you; you know yours. Some of mine have been; not feeling good enough, needing perfection, and feeling less than others.

If you have a burning desire to expand your reach, to increase your exposure, yet hearing your inner mind chatter of ‘who will be interested in listening to me’…then take a breath. Take another look, position yourself, and step into your role.

Take this from Me

…who grew up shy in sharing my thinking, worry over being thought of as stupid. One who spoke so softly others give up hearing what I have to say. I never dare to engage in a conversation, because I worry about what I have to say isn’t interesting. So, I became a follower and never the leader. In the corporate world, I sense others uncertainty of my competency and capabilities as a manager. And into comparing mode often and feel less as a business owner. It’s been a life long journey of mine working on self-confidence. This is so close to my heart. I grew up with a narcissistic father who’s also a misogynist. He may have believed it was ok to verbal abuse because he was intoxicated. While my mom disciplined me to cater to his behaviour as appropriate. The notion I am born stupid, less than, not good enough stems from a way of my family dynamic.

Trust me when I say it’s been a life long journey to the feeling I have arrived as a leader and a change-maker that I am.

Taking the World Stage is Daunting

There’s the little voice inside advocating “Me? I’d love to but maybe one day. Not that amount of people would be interested in hearing what I have to say.”. That’s ok and send it away with love. Because you know that is your fear of not good enough keeping you safe from humiliation, or being ridiculed, or be categorized as stupid.

It’s All in Your Position

Know what it can be. And steadily step into it. Then you will command attention. But you first need to connect with your own brand position.

I am your soul brand therapist. Each of our soul shines bright, bring something impactful and important to this world and for others. What is yours? I help you uncover it and pull it out in your words to sharing it. You just need some support in your confidence to claim it and own it.

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