How Much You Know is Irrelevant to Your Brand Success… - Whitney Mullings

How Much You Know is Irrelevant to Your Brand Success…

It’s a must for all entrepreneurs to attend live events! I attended #BuildYourEmpire2016 in Toronto, Canada. And the in-person experience is so powerful it touched me emotionally. It led me to realize the difference between the speakers and those attending is not because you need to have proprietary knowledge or information to become a speaker. I actually have a lot of the knowledge they shared on stage. It’s the embodiment of their uniqueness, brand success, and position on their expertise in the market sets them apart.

Ultimately it’s the way they embody, carry, and exude their brand; owning their worth, and sharing their thoughts openly makes them so magnetic.

3 Keys to Your Brand Success

  1. Know your message
  2. Believe in yourself, your service, and your soul clients
  3. Daily habits

Know Your Message

One of the questions asked from the audience was on content creation; how to create content every day? The keynote speaker’s answer was inspiring. He said, “you need to have the external and internal environment that works for you”. In fact, he has so much content in his mind he can’t get them out to words fast enough. Moreover, it’s his ability to create different content to driving his core message attributes to his brand success. He can talk about many different ideas, stories, or experiences to support his message of ‘take action now’.

Most noteworthy is to know not everyone will agree with you, or even like you. As we know the 80/20 rule, also applies here. And the 20% that like you will lead you to the wealth and success you long for.

Believe In Yourself, Your Services, & Your Soul Clients

Furthermore, belief in yourself is essential to positioning your brand as the authority. It’s not about YOU being the first to whatever…have you attended an experts training, speaking, webinar, or any event type and think to yourself “I already know this”? Trust in yourself is the key to claim and own your own gifts. It’s not so easy as we are brought up with self-doubt very often from our societal culture. But this is the deal-breaker to your brand success if you want to become the “go-to” expert. And of course without mentioning this, but you need to know who your soul client is.

My question for the keynote speaker, how do you embody your brand so confidently especially when promising results to your soul clients? He said simply, he only talks to what he has experienced… in his whole 14 years of life. AND he’s rated 6th of top 20 most motivational people, scheduled to share the stage with Tony Robbins, who is the highest-paid speaker in the world. He already had the experience of sharing the stage with big names like Darren Hardy, Gary Vee, spoke at TEDx, and etc.

Confidence then is merely a matter of courage of stepping into owning your uniqueness and gifts. All successes have been lived out in others. It is a decision between you and your mind. If you are committed to finding your way of serving others. We all are in the biz of people.

Daily Habits Leads To Your Brand Success

You are welcome, here’s what Caleb Maddix shared on what he does every day to create the success he has achieved; self-development, creating content and selling.

“Become a millionaire not for the million dollars, but for what it will make of you to achieve it.” ~Jim Rohn

So what is the difference between the speakers and those attending? The speakers on stage took charge, gave themselves permission to own their gifts and uniqueness. That and working hard towards sharing their message with the masses. Bust through fear of judgement from others and on self. Commitment to their daily ritual and routine. Continuously growing and getting the message out to more people.

The speakers on stage are simply sharing their journey; what worked for them, and results they were able to create. And you can too, start with giving yourself permission and know you can do the same. Then it’s a matter of action you take leading to your brand success. You are powerful. Go get ’em tigers!

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