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3-Day Ceremony Ushering Your New Identity +


I'm really excited to have you participate in this upcoming event!

Step # 1

This is the space where the live trainings take place, support from me, and meeting women who lift women. 

You can also grab your free gift, the Personal Soul Brand Workbook with shamanic journeys to recalibrate your energy and have that reflected in your brand.

Step # 2

Mark your calendar! 

3-Day Free & Live Trainings +


RePLAYS ARE available ONLY for A limited time.

DAY 1 * June 7, '22 at 11 am EST.

Honouring the dissolution of your old identity.

DAY 2 * June 8, '22 at 11 am EST.

Merging with the parts of your soul that had been lost.

DAY 3 * June 9, '22 at 10 am EST.

Embodying your new identity and action with poise.

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