w/Paula Burt & Whitney Mullings

Where the spiritually powerful are activated to their illuminating intelligence. rise in presence & wealth.

The shake-up of what's been working no longer works has gotten businesses and leaders the need to dig deeper. Work can no longer be compartmentalized from life. Simply it’s clear nothing is worth sacrificing to live in joy, on purpose, well being. In the abundance of it all.

Your next evolution lies in expanding your spiritual power.

Why it’s easy and why you need to...

Those struggling don’t know who they are, stuck in survival mode reacting to the changes in the world. The spiritually powerful are solid in themselves and thrive through riding the waves with ease.

We Offer What Global Leadership Teams/CEOs Are Seeking

How to make and maintain the magic.

Not only for themselves to expand into the magic of thinking bigger,

but also they crave to activate others in a way that wouldn’t have been possible even just 5 years ago.

The way of the spiritually powerful.

It’s easy because it starts from within, where you have full control over choosing how you want to feel. The power of your spirit, presence, vibration to influence leadership around you, manifesting vision into reality.

For the ambitious, hard work and challenges are fuel. Ease isn’t an easier way, it’s a way to co-create with life, work, relationships, and connections. Not for the faint of hearts but with grit upholding self-responsibility - put self as a priority allowing space to dive inward, reflect, owning all aspects of the self. 

To know yourself well.

Be home in your truth to base decisions externally.

Thrive in finding your way of co-creating in leadership to the beat of your own drum.

The ability to come home to yourself in trust, ownership of self-worth, to be fully satisfied as to the success you are. And get to kick your feet up and enjoy all of it too.

You can and will always invite more of what you are, who you are. Now, is the time to step even more into your soul’s power.

When you feel seen and heard by none other but yourself, you become a magnet. 

The vibration of you holds the power to command desires into form. You make manifest. 

You’re powerful,

only your self-doubts are stronger.

Because you were taught so, the habit to mitigate risks by out-work, out-smart, out- everyone else. Your ego’s only job is to keep you safe. But you know the ‘success’ you’re striving for lies within you and the unknown. Unknown of what you’ve never experienced before, from working less earning more - time, joy, fun, fulfillment, to accessing your inner-wisdom than what’s written in textbooks.

Our deepest wish for you . . .

show up full-on in who you are in your soul, embodied leadership, shine power in your presence.


Truly, Whitney - you are amazing at what you do! Highly recommend!

Tracy Gaudet - Intuitive Happiness Coach

The gentle genius who sees and unravels every dimension of your being. You’ll never be experienced – or consider the value of yourself in the same way ever again.

Nicky Pattinson - Yorkshire, UK

... gave me the clarity that I needed. I can’t believe how much myself and my business has changed

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going into my session with Whitney, or what I was hoping to get out of it. She was referred through a friend and as soon as I read her website I knew I needed to book. I went in open-minded and received SO much more than I expected. She provided me with directions and answers that I had been searching for for so long and gave me the clarity that I needed. I can’t believe how much myself and my business has changed after just one session.

I’ve started attracting my ideal client, I’ve been booked solid and money has been flowing into my life. I would highly recommend Whitney to anyone who feels like they are on the right track but there’s something missing and they can’t quite put their finger on what it is. I feel so good about finally having the missing puzzle piece to make everything fall into place. I will definitely be working with Whitney again.

Shana Dunbar - Founder of Studio Edun

Whitney has a natural ability to lead you into space where you can connect with yourself and truly listen.

I took part in an in-person retreat with Whitney. The retreat space was fantastic, and the experience was eye-opening. Whitney guided our group through some meditations and allowed everyone to tap into their own intuition to spark healing, growth, and balance. Whitney has a natural ability to lead you into space where you can connect with yourself and truly listen. There was a lot to take away from this day and I am thankful for her and everyone that was a part of it.

she was able to help me clear out some of my biggest blocks and reach my highest income Month ever!

Whitney is an incredible Coach she was able to help me clear out some of my biggest blocks and reach my highest income Month ever! The work that she does is truly Transformational I would highly recommend her as a Coach/Mentor. Her approach to working through your blocks and creating success is the perfect mix of kindness and intensity. I would recommend her work to anyone looking to shift quickly and create something incredible in their lives/businesses.

Pixie Grace - Soul Purpose Coach

She will support and guide you towards deep self-discovery and insight.

Whitney is beaming with heart + light + joy and will support and guide you towards deep self-discovery and insight. She is the greatest gift.

We help you hold the vision, rise to its vibration long enough to receive what comes back. 

  • Co-creating dreams into being from your aligning with your soul.
  • Get into the actions with ease doing what you're meant to do in this world.
  • Ease of your deep desires and yearnings into inner peace as you embody them, live them and become them.
  • Your power in knowing who you are, 

The magic(k) is in the actions in the body led by your soul.

Many people talk about… Creating.

And everything is possible.

This is TRUTH.

And also to create (in a way that’s not hard or forcing.. there gets to be… 

Life-force energy and magnetism 

This is when alignment occurs with ease and joy and “things just start happening”.. what we call the magical space.

We witness too many people creating in quicksand while using the words “freedom and joy” and their bodies are screaming “hard and tired” .

If you would love to experience the freedom and joy in creating more and more and more in your life.

Burnout and apathy are so ‘90’s … 


Follow Your Magic

  • Come home to yourself in ways you’ve not known yet
  • You get two shamans leading you to experience your own energy in compassion
  • along with the women in this circle will amplify the expansiveness, openness, and high frequency which uplifts you to calibrate and integrate into.

Inside the 12x modules we focus on 3 areas; 

  • Your Magic, deepen connection within
  • Your Power, access own higher consciousness to lead yourself
  • Your power to co-creating wealth, harness your personal power to manifest

A combination of energetic healing of distorted feminine and masculine, and getting into actions led by your soul. We bring this work through shamanic journeys, somatic practices, and womb awakening.

At the end of the 12x modules, you can expect … 

  • Learn how to live more fully
  • Celebrate life with a tribe - connected with others just like you who will support you on your journey of being limitless from within
  • Explore magic in everyday life - in connection with inner truth, let go of old identities and embrace your new in power, energy, vibration
  • Create a container of power - power that lifts yourself up and out of situations where you’re feeling down
  • Be seen as a leader - leading with your soul’s power creating possibilities and connecting with others’ potential

These 12x modules activates you deeper into the seat of your wisdom & creative power.

For the priestesses,

You'll have the energetic practice and support of two shamans to lead you to where you’ve not experienced yet. 

Be Your Magic.

This circle is for women who …

  • Live for change. What you crave is moving through it differently. More fun and pleasure with no conditions or sacrifices. Because you can. And you will after being shown how.
  • You love growing. There’s a way to grow effervescently exponentially weaving all the important roles you play. You can let go of control and most of all the need to prove yourself.
  • You’re exhausted with life. We’ll show you in following your magic is where you spark your passions again, ignite your creativity, and inspire in your expressions.
  • A readiness in you to show up and make your mark in the world. You know your purpose and it’s time to power up and allow in wealth to support your serving bigger.
  • Even if feeling not yet clear of your purpose - you’ve been pulled by the call. Be certain after these 12x modules you will have the tools to gain the clarity of what your soul is trying to show you.

This is not for you … 

  • Expecting double, or quadrupling your income after these 12x modules. The principles and practices we teach do bring in big results. But they never come in with attachment.
  • Pregnant. Womb awakening runs powerful energies and is not recommended when you’re carrying a precious soul’s energy inside of you.
  • Financial stress. If the cost of this experience is stressing you financially. Although it can help you drastically shift out of it. The energy of “bigger into a hole” is not a good starting point. (This is an invitation for you to dive into the limiting money mindset.)
Paula Burt, wealth shaman

Paula is an international transformational agent, author of Embodying the Kings Code, co-creator of Sailing Activations, and coach who empowers individuals to expand their lives and businesses. 

Having an 18-year financial planning background, a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, as well as being a reiki master, access consciousness facilitator, yoga instructor, and shaman, she glens from it all and commands the energy of spaces and bodies to vibrate at a higher level and empowers others to do the same.

She is known to see into a soul’s core, and just loves, having a field of energy that allows a soul to be fully seen and accepted, to express themselves in fullness, then teaches them to create from that aligned and transparent place.  The magical space.

Whitney, a Soul Brand Shaman. Featured in Forbes, Elephant Journal, and the likes speaking to brand building from your soul with confidence.

She helps you navigate connections, success, and purpose to fully express your voice from soul unfiltered.  More importantly, fuller trust in your own inner - wisdom as you intuit your higher consciousness. This is your power, where you're unique, and expression from this place of truth is divinely magnetic. Lead with the vibration of who you are as a brand, and watch your resonance attract the clients and income your heart desire.

Whitney Mullings Aug 2018


Fortune favours the brave.


Before Feb. 17 midnight,

3x payments of $488/month (a saving of $62/month)

or pay in full at $1222 (a saving of $278)

+ Include Fast Act Bonus


Before Feb. 18 midnight,

You'll receive 2x private 60 min. call with Paula & Whitney

A value of over $800


 3x payments of $550/ month

or pay in full at $1,500 (a saving of $150)

I was able to gain clarity and focus on my brand, who I wanted to serve and how to position myself.


I was able to gain clarity and focus on my brand, who I wanted to serve and how to position myself. The positioning exercise was so key and such a game-changer for me. As a strategist I help my clients with positioning in such a different way; thinking about positioning from a branding perspective was new and refreshing. I really appreciated the time went into learning my background and my story to help me to build my brand so that it was authentic to who I am at the core. I recommend Whitney to other entrepreneurs, especially creatives, who need a different perspective yet get it.

Rebecca Kellogg Intuitive Healer & Explorer

... the woman was very impressed with how focused my message was. Well, that was thanks to Whitney.


I had help from Whitney Mullings recently with focusing on my brand story. She brings an infectious enthusiasm to her work and asks really good questions to tease out my entrepreneurial and brand stories. When I took the notes from my session with her into a meeting with a funnel specialist, the woman was very impressed with how focused my message was. Well, that was thanks to Whitney.

A few days after this happened, I signed another client commissioned a piece of art!!!


I had a Soul Drawing & Shamanic Journeying with Whitney and had my socks blown OFF.

I had a meeting with a potential client 3.5 hours later. I saw green light around the client (I’ve NEVER seen clairvoyantly before!) and knew she was my soulmate client! She signed with me that day without hesitation. A few days after this happened, I signed another client commissioned a piece of art!!!

If you get the chance to work with this amazing woman, DO IT!!! She is amazingly honest and caring. Everything she told me about myself and my biz in a short time was the truth and I cannot wait to work with her FULL ON!!

Thank you Whitney for your assistance with one of my toughest blocks!

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