Want to Fast Track Your Home Business to Profits?

Want To Fast Track Your Profitable Home Business?

Want to fast track your profitable home business on steroids? Look to your toddler for wisdom. Yep, you heard me. Your little ones are your best teachers when it comes to achieving goals.

Consider yourself lucky to have an opportunity of a lifetime as an entrepreneur running a home business with raising children under 7 years old.

Children trigger you

Your children see your soul at your deepest core with unconditional love, trust, confidence, and believing you can do anything. The magic only your children can bring to drive huge transformation in a short period of time.

They trigger your frustration, anger, patience, sense of self minute to minute. Time is seemingly against you because there is very little time to break. All the while as magic time also stops. It’s no longer linear. So many sleepless nights, cranky days past, yet I bet your home business has transformed so much in the little time you had to work. The notion of not enough time suddenly doesn’t add up, almost a broken equation in math. In my experience, I started my online home business when my son was 1 year old. In short 3 years with an additional baby and my home business is allowing 5 figures investments, family vacations, and supporting this entrepreneurial life.

It’s pure magic. …if you so choose, that is

Results apply if you care for authenticity, integrity, and a big heart to truly making a positive impact on other people. Your tots are your best teacher with unconditional love, no matter how you project onto them; horribly, even frequently. They will not give up on you or love you less or see you as any less.

I remember being exhausted from taking care of a baby. Every free minute was spent on my home business. There were lots of struggles; no matter how hard I work, how studious and disciplined in following strategies and homework from my biz coaches. There were $0 months, and I felt rock bottom. Yelled at my kids so much I feel guilty from taking my feelings of failure on them. Truly saddened when they yell at each other. Feeling terrible, and a failure as a mom, and as a biz owner.

Feeling like a failure as a home business owner, and as a mom

All are great actually because I care a whole lot. But being a sappy poor mom isn’t serving my kids one bit. All the while I feel like shit. I decided to surrender and be with the flow. It took me some learning because to be totally transparent, I had no idea what surrender means or feels. I just only wanted to make money.

I decided I need to work on myself first. My kids have forced me to look at what I really want in my life, what type of mom I want to be, what type of lifestyle I like to lead, and where I need to strengthen my mindset to handle the gap of where I am to where I want to be. Their happiness is my utmost priority, and that requires my presence. I needed to work on being in the moment. I started to sleep more, work hard to focus on playtime with only one goal to have fun, and I had to strengthen my trust in faith.

Mirror mirror on the wall …

In the example of my need to yell at my kids. I reflected on what I need to work on about me. Why was I yelling so much? It all stems from my growing up feeling not being heard. And yelling is a way for me to cope as a child myself. Once this awareness surfaced, I listened more because I would never want my boys to feel unheard, unseen, or undervalued.

Be grateful moms, pull out your hair if you must. But in 3 years, you will look back and think to yourself, if I only knew, then I would have chilled out and spent more time playing with my angels without distractions.

3 ways my children have coached me to owning my personal power:

The ability to trust …

  1. … the universe to live your moments to moments presently
  2. … yourself through the workings of yourself, your willingness to uncover what holds you back to grow and expand
  3. … your children as a whole allow you to relax and give them room to figure their own way with fewer worries

These are abilities supporting your personal power, your energetic brand to vibrate at the highest frequencies! We all want to be the best mom we can be, and become the best home business owner, as a result, is such a gift.

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