Do you celebrate you and your success? It opens your flow of abundance!

Do you celebrate you? Or your success?

Do you celebrate you and your success?

I realized I don’t. Actually it is worse than that. I had the biggest gross income month in my biz in June, it was a ‘holiday weekend’ and I spent time with my wonderful family. So instead of telling myself how amazing I was, I actually was telling myself how lazy and lax I was. Because I’d dared to spend time with my family rather than keep working on my biz….doh!

The celebration opens the flow of abundance

I started to wonder, why is it so hard to celebrate success? That is my biz, and that family success when we all come together and have fun. My first thought was that there are different types of success, all of which have equal right of celebration. The celebration actually opens the flow of abundance more widely, so why is it so difficult to do. Why is it difficult to celebrate you?

In my experience, my parents led me to believe I’d become arrogant, start to slack and stop progressing if I celebrate my successes. Also to them what I’ve accomplished is merely fulfilling what it’s expected of me. If I underachieve is simply because I am stupid, and rightfully earn the title of being dumb. At which point, it’s out of their hands. They can’t help me but pray for me to find a rich husband.

Sappy ol’ me, you get the point! Subconsciously believing I don’t deserve to celebrate me. This journey of inner work and self-awareness in where the shits are rooted has led me to disprove these beliefs. But I am responsible at the core of everything that happens to me. You too. And I decided to celebrate. Rather feeling a slacker because I took the long weekend to enjoy my family, I deserve it. And I will celebrate being me! And acknowledge how far I’ve come.

How will you celebrate YOU today?

The truth is I would be highlighting to my clients their success is never attributed to any one thing they did. It comes from their decision, commitment, actions, and all the pushing through of gruelling emotions and mental blocks. It’s similar to the tip of an iceberg can only exist with a huge foundation underwater to sustain the placement of it. You are worth celebrating. Your successes need to be celebrated.

This will make a true showcase of sharing is caring. “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” ~ William Arthur Ward. I’d love to hear what you are celebrating today, and how are you celebrating?

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