Be the shit of the show, call in clients and business profits

Be the SHIT of the show, call in clients and business profits

Does your life feel like a shit show juggling everything? How would it feel to be the SHIT of the show!? And call-in business profits!

Why You’re The SHIT!

Because you’re on the path in making positive impacts with your business. And you know time, money, freedom, spiritual expansion, and fulfilment are all part of this journey. Except you’ve followed the best leaders and their proven step by step strategies to business profits, but none of them worked for you.

Being committed to giving your all, doing whatever it takes, and very quickly finding yourself in the grind. By giving your business every minute you can spare from time with family, kids, yourself, friends, and even dipping to your sleep time.

Are You Imprisoned By Your Business?

Because freedom seems to sit on the very far end of the spectrum. Deep down inside waiting for your business to fill with paying clients before you; get the support you need for managing your home, business administration, and indulgences such as travelling or a facial.

But freedom is a choice. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, once you know this, you can turn your business into a spiritual experience too. No more human business grind, no more human rat race. Step up into ease, poise, grace and flow, work with the energy of your SOUL, sparks fly when you do.

We Are Spiritual Beings, Our Business Is Spiritual Too

Challenges will present themselves every time of expansion in our human experience of every possible way. And my kids bring on the lessons loud and clear every time. Precisely the reason they are my best spiritual teachers.

I’ve been there in the dips of my business, where energy has gone stagnant after some consistent flow of soul clients and money. All the while dealings in life seem heavier. I feel I’m my kids’ prisoner. You know the feeling of little things knocks you off your focus. To give you an example of what happens in my crazy house…

Does Life Knock You Down Sometimes?

For example, one beautiful day, I made a nutritious and tasty bowl of fried rice for lunch, and out of nowhere one of my tots swat the rice all over the floor. All at the same time, my other tot knocked his beet juice. Next, all I see is red splatters everywhere. I really do love my kids so much, yet I find myself bored out of my mind from the monotonous mom duties. Yet, I don’t want to go anywhere with them, because I don’t want to put up with any possible shit show – and trust me things can get messy!

Then I find myself losing it when my tot refused his diaper change. Like I said these are all little things but because I’ve been wanting to focus on growing my business, it all seemed huge and it was the last draw for me to lose my cool. Funny enough, I am learning to be a conscious parent and understanding there are only 2 causes to my tots’ tantrums. Always back to either the need to be in control or wanting attention.

Self-Awareness Is The Resolve to live & Business Profits

All their outrage is either control or needing attention. Yet, I always offer choices to encourage control. Noodles or pancake, shower or bath, blue or green… what is it with control?

My wise mentor, a Modern-Day Shaman guided me “as everything comes from within us, and what happens outside of us is a reflection of our inner world, what is this showing you about you?”. Trust.

Trust comes to mind. I don’t trust my boys will listen to me and get run over by a car or get lost in public. It’s a reflection of me about my leadership.

Shifts & Alignment

Isn’t this interesting? Awareness is powerful. It brings alignment and shifts to newer heights in life and business. To trust me as a leader makes perfect sense in my business spiritual experience. Soul brand therapy isn’t only about brand strategies. A big part of my work is supporting my soul clients’ confidence in stepping into their uniqueness and position. I lead my soul clients to dig deeper to bring up what holds themselves back to their awareness. Because awareness brings shifts and alignment.

Personal Brand At Its Best

Running a business is never peachy or a walk in the park. “Let it be a shit show. But be the shit of the show!” ~ Sarah Negus. What are you going through now? What is being reflected back on you about you? Personal brand at its best goes back to self-awareness. It shifts the energy of your brand, brings clarity so you can make better choices; have fun now, be present now, bring in the support you need now. And so it is, attract your soul clients and business profits now.

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