3 P's to cultivate brand love and deepen connections

Brene’s 3P’s to Brand Love

Brand love, inspired by Brene Brown’s FB live on #Charlottesville and her 3Ps. The love of your brand connects you with your soul clients deeply. But this love starts with you first. The 3 P’s cultivates love within and spread outwards.

“Raising Consciousness with Curiosity and Love…”

Brands are built with awareness. On the contrary, I have to admit to growing up with an underlying belief that being oblivious is bliss. Even now as a woman of minority, my tendency is to stay focused on what I can do.

The darkness of supremacy from recent events in the U.S has brought up the need to take a stance in what I value, and what I stand for. When I was small I was made fun of by other kids simply being a Chinese in North America. I was an outcast in high school because I’ve never caught on to pop culture or common expressions. The cultural difference has definitely left me a bit weird to others. But it has never bothered me, I focus on doing me.

But now as a mother of two beautiful half black boys, I feel inclined to form my opinions on such collective stories of white supremacy, racism, bigotry, and all these disgusting behaviours I shy away from before. It’s about empowering my boys and others of colour to own who they are. And in doing so, it’s about “raising consciousness with curiosity and love.” as Brene has beautifully expressed during her Livestream.

Here are my understanding of Brene’s 3 P’s and it’s the foundation to cultivate brand love.


“Privilege is living with unearned rights…” I interpreted this as the importance of gratitude. Be grateful for what you have and can do. As for me, I am so extremely grateful for the opportunity I have in running online biz worldwide. It supports my lifestyle, supports my priorities as a mom, moreover it supports my mission regardless of my race. I get to create wealth from doing what fulfils me. “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”~ Joseph Campbell. This speaks volume as it ties to the other P for power.


Power, defined as the ability to influence change. You are powerful in promoting change just with your presence. As you work through your inner stuff, the essence of who you are is infectious. You can take reign of your own brand, become your own PR, and spread your brand love through the world wide web at any time.

Perspective Taking

Perspective-taking, it’s not about putting yourself in someone’s shoes to understand their perspective. But it’s believing how they feel. This is aligning to what I am learning from shamanism to accept everyone as a whole, including ourselves. You are perfect in who you are, and where you are on your journey. Consequently, it’s transformative when you fully embrace your soul clients’ perspectives.

Furthermore, this really touches on your personal responsibilities in working through your own stuff. Because when you do, you become aware and won’t project your shit onto others. And as you become clear of your own power, you will create more of what you want in life from the place of love. Ultimately is the understanding of the law of compensation and abundance is for everyone. While fear only leads to competition, judgement, which all leads to anger, guilt, shame and lowest of vibration of emotions.

Brand love

Hence, always choosing love, breeds love, influences love. We are all one. So, it’s reflective of how you feel about yourself when you judge others.

White supremacy is no different, the fear of becoming the minority is based on fear. Honestly, to take it further, what is the fear of becoming a minority? Is this all insinuating the possibility of genocide like the nazis … in the year 2017? …choose love, not fear. Please please please shine bright in who you are, and focus on spreading love. This is what each and every one of us can do?

I am Whitney Mullings, a soul brand therapist. You are unique and special. My mission is to illuminate your path, so you can see and connect with your own personal power. Embody your unique soul brand from the place of love and service, and call in your soul clients.

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