Embodiment of your brand and boundaries you must keep

Embodiment of your brand and boundaries you must keep

I deeply care to serve my soul clients. In that, I need to be a leader in the areas I am set to support them. Including personal power, self-worth, and firm boundaries to stand in my value.

The test of your boundaries is an opportunity to raise your vibration

It started as an ask from one of my clients to suspend our working together due to cash flow, and I agreed without hesitation. But the timeline we’ve agreed upon had past, and I finally requested a meeting to discuss the terms of our contract.

You see, historically I have had a problem around holding firm boundaries. My underlying fear is not being good enough. I grew up trying to please everyone, with loose boundaries, always putting myself last to fit in.

  • Hoping and wishing others will like me in lieu of being completely confident in who I am
  • Putting others’ needs in front of my own, so to validate my power. Or a way of gaining approval for my talent. Even as far as impressing others. Now as a biz owner, I need to work on valuing my time and intellectual properties
  • Taking on others’ stuff and try to make it better for them, so they aren’t feeling bad, angry, sad, or pissed off with me. But everyone has their own stuff to work on, it’s not for me to be drawn to it. If they are pissed off, I need to let them be that.

Loose boundaries is a way of giving your power away

What is important is being aware loose boundaries eat at your personal power. They peck away at your energetic brand and your vibe in attracting your soul clients and tribe. Leading by example, and hold strong boundaries is the true embodiment of your worth, your values, your beliefs, and what you ultimately stand for. Do you agree?

I value both my own and your own personal power. If a contract has been agreed, this is a safe container for both parties, because there is an exchange. I care about this exchange and honouring the work I have already done within that, I care about my energy and the space I’ve committed to holding for my clients.

Being drawn into drama or crisis, or simply someone else’s mess takes you off your game.

As my wise mentor said “…journal if you need to. Now, let it go. Don’t give it any more thoughts, and open up your energy” (~Sarah Negus, modern-day shaman) to what you want to bring in.

I invite you to join me here, let go of anything that is not yours, open up your energy to welcome abundance and your desires.

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