How to become celebrity, become expert of your own brand?

How to become celebrity of your own brand?

June 2, 2017
Become Celebrity

Say this with me “I am a celebrity”. Become celebrity within.

How does it feel?

Do you feel amazing or is there an inner part of you that feels silly, small, not worthy of such a title?

I get it, for me it is doubt of my own intellect and ability to attract those that need me, it is feeling tiny, and fear of being seen. …I used to day dream as a little girl being a tv celebrity with adoring fans and paparazzi following my every move. Fans waiting for my appearance. My own agent spotting me one day and lifting me into that world of celebrity.

And that one day never happened. I came to term there are people born to do this. Born to be a celebrity. To be discovered, and it just isn’t me. I’m not cut out for it. I don’t have that magnetic personality. No one finds me captivating. Or likes to stop their tracks to listen to me.

Hmmm… really!? What is a celebrity?

Become celebrity refers to the fame and public attention accorded by the mass media to individuals or groups or, occasionally, animals, but is usually applied to the persons or groups of people (celebrity couples, families, etc.) themselves who receive such a status of fame and attention.

And the truth is, we are all a celebrity within our own sphere, our own life, our own brand.

The World is our stage.

We are responsible to pick the platform. Celebrities we often recognize are either in entertainment, sports, or politics (the royals, the obamas, The women premiere, the ones that inspires). Celebrities with a large following understand people like to be entertained, and people like to follow leaders who create changes effecting them directly or indirectly.

I am starting to notice movie stars and creators are often spiritual people. More of them are using their influence to teaching spirituality, and spreading the positive inspirations to the world. Talking to faith, trust, how to overcome fear, owning your personal power, and ultimately encouraging you to be your authentic self. Become spiritual, become celebrity. Because they’ve done their work in overcoming their own fear of being judged, and all of their own shadows. Everyone is born a celebrity. The difference between them and you is they took action and took their stage.

You are a celebrity!

Because each of you are born to deliver your message. And your biz is your soul work to impact your soul clients. But you can pick your own platform especially it’s readily available to us nowadays via social media! Recognizing anyone as celebrity is subjective to individual’s opinion and perception. In my opinion, I think Brad Pitt is one of the biggest star! But some of you may not agree or may not even know who he is! And that is ok. Hence the term soul clients. There is a group of people who you are destined to working with, making an impact on, and they bring you teachings too. It’s beautiful reciprocation.

My point is this. You are born to impact the world. Not every single soul because every one is on different journeys. The difference between those who obtained celebrity status to those who is either trying or believing they can never be a celebrity is self worth.

Become celebrity boils down to …”either you believe you can or can’t. You are right. “

I know you are honouring your soul purpose with your online biz as a vehicle to carry it out. So why are you not honouring your soul?

Step up and show what you’ve got in your brand position, the first step in setting your stage. Be responsible when you have not claimed your platform. Fear holds us back to keep us safe. No one else is holding you back. And I know you’re so done with fear. I know you’re ready just to go onto that stage. Go deeper, and recognize what else is holding you back? As in why you think you’re not worth it, yet? Why not now?

Ex. I create a ton of content. But maybe 10% makes it out! Because there’s a gap in second guessing about other people. In my mind, I wonder who will want to listen to me. Or very often I know in my heart I have a good message and I wonder if what I have to say is enough? If if if if if … It’s a process of trusting in the divine, yourself, and your soul clients.

Remember, you are born a celebrity.

Your tribe of soul clients are waiting for you to show up on that stage so they can take a seat (I can imagine a stadium, and there are different levels of seatings; the VIP, the general, and the middle. Representing all of your soul clients in different parts of their own journey in relation to yours. They’re just waiting for you to show up, they can then plan to be there.) Your only job is be clear in your position, and show case it, communicate it, and own it!




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