Standing Out

Head & Shoulders

Above the Rest . . .


Become so shiny that you attract abundance with ease and in the flow.

A consistent pipeline filled with a plethora of soul clients without the overwhelm or feeling stuck.

And you get to enjoy the process where "work" becomes play.

Really have your cake and eat it too!

The truth is, you can!

We're all the product of our interesting past . . .

This is a little of mine - and what brought me to this point. 

After a life in corporate marketing, sitting in meetings - examining sales results hourly and generally feeling exhausted 24 hours a day. Being told by the business to constantly check myself to see if I was actually good enough - as a professional AND a person to do the job.

One Monday morning, I had this urge to hand in my notice. So, do you know what? 

That's exactly what I did.

I suspect that part of that story could even be you ?

The morning after what i now call my ‘’night of equal angst and relief’ - I set up the company.

I’d like to say I’ve never looked back - well. I have never regretted that walk out of the door. Because although i left perceived safety behind. I found myself. 

And now...we’ve all found each other. 

Powerful things happen as I work with individuals and groups the world over...

She asks the right questions and gives you practical advice that will have you on a journey of discovery

I just adore Whitney! her soulful approach to branding is so refreshing! Your brand really is more than your logo!!! It is everything that you are, and Whitney is the best person to help you realize that. She asks the right questions and gives you practical advice that will have you on a journey of discovery. She truly is AMAZING!!!!

A Compelling Brand

Speaks to who you are, and connects your audience to who they are through your stories and teachings. Empower recognition of themselves of their talents, potential, and influence.

The secret to your concise and succinct message is one of resonance.

Are you expressing from your power or a place of second-guessing yourself?

I Can Help YOU get clear on . . .
  • Where you are unique as a brand and speak to your impact
  • What's keeping you from owning your value and expand your consciousness 
  • Healing of judgements against you and dive into your potential
The Not So Official Stuff . . .

I've always known I'll find a way to be my own boss. This knowing, my intuition hit me that day inside the office washroom stall when I realize my missed period. Motherhood had shown me the wisdom deep within, and my ability to create life and birthing dreams into being. The process of embodying my divine feminine is a visceral experience. There's no shortage of triggers by my sons to initiate shedding of emotions and old versions of me - as not good enough. But I knew self-compassion is the path to love my children the way they deserve to be loved, seen, and heard.

The bond between a mother and her children is unconditional love. I was hooked. It became my motivator to creating wealth allowing time freedom, and connections with them. Which led me to build a spiritual business that promotes self-mastering and a way to live my purpose and mission. Which is to support other women to come back to themselves as they stand in the value of being, power, presence, and light. 

Who knew - what I've known as being a boss is owning your power of choosing how you want to feel in the moment - here and now. And the magic of connection with your soul creates alchemy - from energy into reality.

Official Bio.

Whitney Mullings’ featured on Forbes, The Elephant Journal, YFS Magazine to list a few on the topic of leading with your personal brand to find success in life, work, and business. She has over a decade of experience in fortune 500 corporate marketing and communications. It was a natural progression onto the entrepreneurial path to help transformational leaders to pull their message from the heart, align their brand with purpose, and create brand essence matching their vibration.

Motherhood had awakened profound lessons of spirituality. As a result, stepping into the leader she is as a mother, wife, and mentor leading her clients to own their personal power. Her first book “Passed Down from Mom” is a story of her journey to stand in her value and self-worth. She shares that her two boys are her best spiritual teachers.

Whitney has completed an apprenticeship under The Modern Day Shaman, and is a life-long student of shamanism. Along the way became certified as a practitioner of energy drawing, DNA restructuring, and womb awakening.

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