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Standing Out Head & Shoulders Above the Rest . . .

What You're Really After Is EASE & FLOW of Abundance;

Plethora of soul clients without the overwhelm or feeling stuck.

You want to enjoy the process with more joy & fun in both life & biz.  

And having the knowing & the confidence that it doesn’t have to be hard to stand in your power, stand in who you are & your message.

Every Successful Person has Taken On Improving WHO & WHAT They Are As Their Business.

This is what I believe PERSONAL SOUL BRANDING is about...

Showcasing your PERSONAL JOURNEY & VISION & seeing it in the PERSPECTIVE it empowers others to be their best versions.

I see your strengths, uniqueness, and approach to life  & these are all important ELEMENTS when sharing with your soul clients. What makes you DIFFERENT to someone else boils down to how you personally deliver
your knowledge with your clients.  
And how confident you are in claiming what you do for them.

I know this, as this has been my struggle.

I've switched gears and had started a brand new biz all together because I THOUGHT my first biz wasn't right for me both passion & results wise.

But the TRUTH is I had the exact same struggle in my current biz; second-guessing myself, feelings of not being the best in my field (not good enough), fear of being judged (who am I to say I'm great?) ...

Our biz is a personal extension. We don't see the results we want if WHO we are & WHERE we are unique isn't REFLECTED in our brand.

And most importantly we don’t have the confidence to CLAIM our greatness in what we do & fail to see where we ARE gifted.


I just adore Whitney! her soulful approach to branding is so refreshing! Your brand really is more than your logo!!! It is everything that you are, and Whitney is the best person to help you realize that. She asks the right questions and gives you practical advice that will have you on a journey of discovery. She truly is AMAZING!!!!

Success really comes down to this…

Having a really BEAUTIFUL & COMPELLING BRAND that speaks,

and leverages our unique aspects & gifts as a service provider.

Our ability to really OWN & CLAIM with confidence what we do for our clients.

If you aren't able to answer
how you are unique in your brand . . .

There are many moving pieces in running a biz.

My SPECIALITY is the ability to CONNECT the dots on what makes you special & unique.

Help you CREATE a unique brand that leverage your natural essence. A brand ALIGN to your soul, so you FEEL confident in your work.

To zero in & CLAIM what makes you unique can be SCARY . . .

...been there done that... Feelings of not good enough, or a fraud, or imposter syndrome applies to ALL levels.

I Can Help YOU get clear on . . . 

... HOW you are unique in your brand,

... HAVE a clear identity or understanding of what makes you stand out,

... OR if you're QUESTIONING your abilities which leads to lack of self confidence in your work & what you do for others ...

Find out more about my services and how you can work with me here.

The Not So Official Stuff . . .

I've always had the dream of being boss of my own time (mainly because I hate waking up to an alarm clock). I finally took the leap as a new mom. I've connected to my intuition since I knew I was pregnant. I can sense it was a boy. He since showed me a deeper sense of love, also a deeper sense of WHO I AM. To be with him became a non-negotiable. He continues to show me how to build my online biz by reflecting my crap back to me, while holding me energetically & unconditionally.'s never ending.

In my experience, I've written my launch email sequence at 1am half asleep. Needless to say, I was at state of burnt out. No sales. But worst of all I wasn't the mother I set out to be.

Your energy is everything. Are you in the vibration of attracting your soul clients, or repelling? Perfectly curated words sound & look perfect. But you won't attract  when your vibe isn't matching of your soul clients.

Managing my energy became my biz. I am an apprentice with the Modern Day Shaman. I am a certified Advanced Energy Drawing Practitioner. I now have so much fun reading, and shifting my clients' energies to align to their soul brand, and holding them energetically so they can step fully into their position with confidence.

Official Bio.

Whitney Mullings a soul brand therapist for women ready to claim their uniqueness doing business that is fulfilling to them. She helps women entrepreneurs leverage their personal brand through passion, service, and love. Whitney has more than 10 years of experience in Fortune 500 corporate in marketing, communications, employee engagement, and website design & business solutions.

After leaving the corporate world, Whitney faced her own struggle to find success as an online business owner. Whitney now uses her own experience with intuition to connect women with their own uniqueness and supporting their confidence in claiming it. She believes that is the key to stand out and achieve success. While being yourself authentically and confidently embodying the power and strength of your brand.

Her 2 boys are her biggest joy and success, but she is grateful for her business to keep her sane and in check to being the best mom possible.

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