7 Must Haves in Your Brand Strategy to Attract Soul Clients

7 Unique Brand Building Musts To Attract Soul Clients with Poise & Grace

April 5, 2017
Brand Strategy

Your unique brand strategy is important. Everyone knows this.
Because your unique brand is how your soul clients think and feel about you.

Some of you still only relate branding to logo and website. Your brand is that, and more! It is the perception others have of you.

A powerful brand strategy drives an unanimous perception to the masses. Strategic brand positioning occupies a space in your soul clients’ minds and be remembered as the ‘Go-To’ expert or product. So, the real question is how to build your brand strategy other than logo, website, colours, and fonts?

7 Must Haves in Your Brand Strategy to Attract Soul Clients with Poise & Grace

Firstly, let’s remind ourselves the end goal of building a brand strategy and marketing plan is to make connections and nurture relationships between you and your soul clients. At large, it’s to keep your unique brand at top of mind in the purchasing stage of the decision making process. This is why attention grabbers are good but not sustainable. Your unique brand and marketing energy needs to be in alignment with your soul clients’ needs and wants. This is where magic and impact happens. It’s a must to be clear in your marketing messaging before being creative.

Trustworthiness in your brand is a deal breaker in biz, and it’s earned through time. But it’s built upon pure instincts. Our instincts about another person is solely based on intuition and energy; our vibrations. It’s no different when it comes to our brands, “Our vibe attracts our tribe”. Your energetic brand determines your brand success. I don’t see this being emphasized anywhere.

Here are the major components to building a trustworthy, authentic, integral unique brand with poise and grace that is long lasting both energetically and strategically. Catchy marketing messaging grabs attention, but often fizzle out like one hit wonders.

Energy of Your Brand Strategy

Your energetic brand is everything in your brand strategy. It’s how others intuitively feel about you without reading, hearing, or watching anything of yours. Highest of your unique brand vibration is cultivated from self awareness. Every heart led entrepreneur strive to be authentic, but not all of them are. Solely because they aren’t clear on their own needs, wants, or their own definition of success. Thus far, society has taught us your level of success is determined by your income. Which has led us to a hustle driven and comparison mentality. Most biz spin their wheels continuously without seeing the money they so desire. But true transformation comes from self awareness, and learning the lessons spirituality has to offer.

Real shift in biz today happens when you are committed to go through such transformation yourself, then enable you to impact others on similar journey. This applies to any service or product based biz, it all circles back to your impact on others. Your brand energy is most attractive when your biz is fulfilling to you as a biz owner. Each component listed below attributes to your energetic brand alignment.

Brand Purpose

What defines a brand anyway? There are many components to building a brand. But it stems from your brand promise. What is your promise to your soul clients?

Soul Clients’ Desires

It’s different than just clients. Your soul clients are meant to work with you. Your soul clients are attracted to you intuitively when your brand energy is in alignment to your purpose, and your authentic self. Magic happens with soul clients because you gain as much as being the service provider. This is where love builds from such connection with another soulmate. Growth and expansions leading to joy, happiness, fulfillment, and all around feeling good.

Your Own Uniqueness

No one set of DNA are identical. All of us are our own unique brand. Key to marketing your uniqueness is narrow it down and own it, confidently.

Brand Position

We have over 7 billion people on earth. Someone is offering the same or similar service or product as you do. How your unique brand is positioned is essential to stand out. It’s crucial to understanding your soul clients’ needs and wants. Because you only have to stand out to them.

Brand Essence

Your brand essence plays a huge role in driving an unanimous perception of your unique brand. It’s smart to be strategic in your marketing communications to achieve this goal. And necessary when you’re ready to spread your unique brand on a large scale.

Your Unique Core Message & Brand Stories 

You are an intelligent being, you have many aspects to you. And any successful biz has many moving pieces. It’s a hard task to drill down all of what you do into a single or two sentences in a core message. It’s really an art to narrow your core message. But simplicity is powerful, and cuts through the noise from thousands of marketing messages each individual process on a daily basis. Consistency is king when it comes to brand building and marketing communications. Your unique brand stories will support this effort tremendously. It’s human nature to draw connectedness through personal stories.

Most entrepreneurs (including myself) rush to getting our marketing done when we start our biz in hopes to get the clients rolling in. However, you’ll only set your biz as a commodity without your unique brand behind your marketing efforts. You are unique, and not an apple. When all the focus is set on broadcasting the features of your services, then you will be compared to others like an apple. It’s definitely a process that takes time, and digging deeper into who you are as a person and biz owner, but oh so worth it!

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