You strive for authenticity in your brand and as an entrepreneur. But most aren’t authentic. Because it’s easy to lose yourself when you focus on being what everyone wants you to be. It gets harder to remember how to be your authentic self anymore. Authenticity is out of reach when you are disconnected with yourself within. All successful authentic brands work hard to gain self-awareness as a resolve. Here are 3 naked truths to your brand authenticity:

1. Imposing on yourself to be who you think you should be; kills authenticity

You are told what you should do or be since you were a young child at home and school. It was easier to follow in the biz how you should market yourself to attract clients. Hugely forgotten that you naturally are the solution to your soul clients…in your authentic brand. While you try so hard but unable to spit out the right words you think you should be saying. Or what you think your soul clients want to hear. The ‘should’ kills your brand authenticity and diminish your conviction and trustworthiness.

Most successful biz coaches do suggest using your soul clients own words in your marketing messages to establish a connection. It’s effective to convey your understanding of the ‘struggles’. But what’s overlooked is the importance to connect with yourself in your marketing messages. How are you your own solution to that very same thing you are now supporting your soul clients on?

Words on the surface can be perfectly curated, but it won’t connect when energetically isn’t in alignment with your soul clients. The easiest way to connect with your soul clients on a deep level is by sharing your journey, your truth, and your triumphs. The energy of your story is so powerful in giving all the insights to why you are the best support for your soul clients. Seth Godin said it best “all marketers are liars…no liars, storytellers”.¬†

2. Fear never stops creeping in, and uphold your authenticity

It takes courage to showcase yourself in your marketing for the world to see. It’s scary! It can feel exposing, and the fear of being seen and judged can create intense pressure. Do it anyway, because fear and excitement is the same emotion. Sharing your inner truth is also most magnetizing to drawing in your tribe of soul clients. These are the connections to have, because they are meaningful, special, and ones that foster your growth and brings you tremendous joy. And of course money and abundance in your life for making positive impacts.

Fear can keep you from digging deep within yourself to bring stories into awareness. But when you do, you can decipher what serves you and let go of ones that don’t. Most challenging is to become aware of the stories that aren’t even yours! Self-awareness gives you perspectives in your biz, and regain your personal power to which only makes you a better teacher supporting your soul clients.

3. Brand Authenticity and Vulnerability

Sappy vulnerable shares may connect with your soul clients sympathetically, but never position you as an authority. Magic in vulnerable shares lies in being clear on your lesson, and commit to overcoming and helping others doing the same transparently. Simply a share on the uncomfortable reality just as it is. So many social shares I’ve seen miss this about vulnerability, in dwelling on the struggle so much it brings down your soul clients vibrations. The goal in vulnerable shares is to inspire, and empower what is possible for your soul clients.

Highlighting your own insecurities without sharing a lesson will only amp up insecurities in others. It’s a way of giving room for an excuse in the case you decide to bail on your desired outcome. Classic victim mode in the “I’ve tried” if results aren’t favourable. A way to block yourself from stepping up fully, and lacks conviction energy. Total buzz kill in your energetic brand and vibrations.

Be the authentic brand you so desire, because it pays and it’s way more fun making an impact. Be committed to your own transformations, that’s where big energetic shift happens and elevate your brand vibrations.

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