3 Brand Positioning Fundamentals to Building Your Tribe

3 Brand Positioning Fundamentals to Building Your Tribe

Your unique brand positioning is what helps you stand out, set distinction, and be memorable to your soul clients. It’s not about being savvy with your words, but more about you conquering your self-doubt and fear to claim your gifts with confidence.

Your Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is taking a claim. For example, I’m the greatest mom in this world, because xxx.

It’s a claim you can back. It’s a matter of trusting and believing in yourself for others to do the same.

Especially for service-based biz offering transformative results, because it’s subjective and relative. For example, a telecommunication company can only claim they own the largest network as it’s objective and needs to back by data. Otherwise, competitors can take legal actions.

Subjectivity is relative to who you are speaking to. Key is you must be clear on what is most important to your soul clients. Next step is to build trust in your position, and this is done throughout your whole brand and marketing strategy. “Your brand name is only as good as your reputation” ~ Sir Richard Branson

Trust Yourself

You can’t just walk up to someone and tell them to trust you. Initial trust is an instinct that’s intuitively led. This is the utmost important and first area to set straight in your brand.

When you make a claim but not entirely trusting yourself. The energy behind it is weak, wishy-washy, and shaky. It can be felt in your words. It’s not about being “the best” compared to others. It’s about being your own best and value your own worth regardless of what others think.

Trust your today’s ‘best’ is exactly what your soul clients need from you, nothing more.


“Remarkability lies on the edges. The biggest, fastest, slowest…” Seth GodinTake courage and step into your purpose, and uniqueness. It’s often self-doubt, and fear of not good enough trips you up from even putting into words to convey the impact you are capable of making. I was there, I remembered thinking it’s easier to under-promise and over-deliver. My biz was at a standstill at that point, because I wasn’t owning up to my full potentials. No one will take a bet on you, because everyone is barely willing to take a bet on themselves. Let’s invest in her potential and see what results I can get…says no one ever.

For example, in my brand positioning, my claim is I see where you are unique intuitively, and I support your confidence in owning it to prosper. I was so afraid of being wrong, or worry what if … but in truth, I was already doing it! It felt like a stretch, except it wasn’t. You just need to connect to it yourself, the power you hold, the impact you are capable of making.

Fear of being a fraud or imposter can be disproved when you do what you say you will do. And show up consistently. It’s rather hysterical when I was so afraid to ruin my reputation and got stuck in my brand positioning and messaging as I believe it’s not integral to make claims I am not 100% confident in. This is why getting your brand energy in alignment is such an important first step to your brand success. Because when in alignment, it connects you with your personal power to move you forward.

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