Does your brand reflect your uniqueness,
speaking to the authenticity & depth of
who you are?

Get Clear on What Makes You Unique


to uncover your unique gifts that’ll give you clarity

to flourish in your business and prosper.

Your brand is a reflection of what makes you unique.

Just in case you didn’t know…

You are special. You are unique. 

I see you. I see your magic. I see what makes you special. I'll hold space so that you can see it in yourself.


"Why You?"

Here’s the truth…

It’s not just about the surface level of creating a brand that shapes your uniqueness, that’s easy…

The deeper question is; are you courageous enough to step up to owning it? Because when you do, you’ll get clear on how and who you serve. Understanding and owning up to what YOU bring to the table will change your self worth, self confidence, and carry such a strong presence that it becomes highly attractive to your ideal clients.



Your Uniqueness Comes from Your Femininity.


Ever since becoming a mother, my babes cracked my heart right open, becoming an emotional being once again. As I’ve grown up in a traditional Chinese household; where the man makes all the decisions in the household. Women are meant to support the men; like house chores so men can do bigger and greater things, play small so to make the men feel better about themselves. I’ve learned subconsciously that being a woman is weak, keeping their voice quiet because it’s inappropriate to speak their opinions, and literally just a background character. Subconsciously believing if you want to become someone of value, someone of greatness, then you need to be masculine. Masculine as in you just do, a do-er. And strong women are masculine and don’t cry.

being a motherSince I became a mother, I have learned my definition of a strong woman is totally wack. It screwed with me. Really hard. I started running my own business, because I believe to become my children’s role model by showing them that life is abundant and you can do whatever your heart desire. My desire was simple, to be their full time care giver. So I started my own online biz. I had gotten clients easily at the very beginning, then hit a dry spell for a very long time. I decided this is my life’s path so I kept working at myself. I worked on my mindset; self worthiness, self confidence, the importance of balance in feminine and masculine energy because I want ease and flow in my biz. I am willing to hustle, but the balance of being a present mom and wife is equally as important to me. In the end, it’s all about knowing who I am, sharing what I value and believe in, clear on where I am unique, and stand out of my own way to everything I ever wanted; don’t need to worry over money, buy nice things, travel on a whim, moreover bring my hubs home from corporate and provide life rich experiences for my boys with a lot of love.

Being feminine means to me; trusting your own intuition in biz, know your values and what’s important to you, lead with yourself being the core to everything in your life. Nurture what makes you unique, your desires in the impact you want to make, needs, wants, and freedom.


Working with Whitney was a true delight.  She really cares deeply about her clients and takes the time to get to know them from every angle.   When I first reached out to her, I had all of these different parts of my story and  was struggling with how to pull it all together succinctly and magnetically.  Whitney had the patience of a saint!   She listened and helped me pull out what was important, what wasn't and provided guidance on how to best position myself and my message.  She has the unique added ability of being highly intuitive and helped me connect the dots that I didn't even know where there.

I highly recommend working with Whitney!


What successful people do.


My wish and my gift to you is not just in helping you SEE your own innate gift, what makes you unique and will have you stand out in your business, I also support you in your confidence in claiming it.

Because branding is so much more than just creating a unique and beautiful presence through your copy, and print and website, branding becomes powerful and magnetic when we are truly the embodiment of what we have created through those pieces that I help you put together.

Whitney Mullings


I help you to make shit happen with what you’ve already got - your own uniqueness and flare.

Download this free PERSONAL BRAND WORKBOOK that will guide you through the process to uncover what makes you unique and relatable to your ideal clients.

I believe we can all make a business of ourselves with our natural talents and gifts. And the key to that is through not just having a beautiful and compelling brand, it is also through our ownership of what makes us unique and our ability to claim through our brand. Which then leads to greater impact, financial security and us feeling deeply fulfilled in our work and presence in the world.